How to Experience Deliverance from the Spirit of Destruction

The spirit of destruction is spreading across the globe, targeting families, relationships, businesses, finances, health, and so much more. This spirit is causing us to come into agreement with the accusations and lies that the enemy brings against us.

How do you start to experience deliverance from the spirit of destruction? 

The good news is the spirit of destruction can be stopped. You can experience deliverance, freedom, and hope. The Lord gives us wisdom and His Word, equipping and empowering us in this spiritual warfare that takes place on the battlefield of our minds. 

First, we have to identify the thought patterns and root causes behind the spirit of destruction. In other words, we need to discover how the enemy is using this spirit to operate in our lives, causing further destruction. When we understand this, we can pull down vain imaginations and any lie or situation that sets itself up against the knowledge of God. 

Next, we must stop the spirit of destruction. We can do that in 3 steps using the A.C.T. teaching. 

Then, we can move forward understanding the need to walk with the Spirit every day. We must honestly deal with and actively repent of these destructive thought patterns when they arise. We can, by the power of the Holy Spirit, be aware of what happens when they go unchecked and come under the protection of the Lord continuously through repentance and prayer. 

 It’s time to feel and experience the deliverance, freedom, and hope that Yeshua paid for. 

Join Curt Landry as he walks you through the steps of deliverance from the spirit of destruction. 

How the Enemy Operates in the Spirit of Destruction

The spirit of destruction operates in the “3 A’s”…

  1. The Accusation—The enemy brings an accusation against you. He brings it to your mind. This is why it is called the battlefield of the mind. The enemy wants to cause confusion in your mind, will, and emotions. 
  2. The Assault—After an accusation is brought against you, he assaults your mind with fear. The fear is in opposition to God’s Word. God says to fear not because He is with you. 
  3. The Agreement—When the accusation and assault come, we unknowingly come into agreement with them. When we are emotionally worn out, we are more likely to agree with the lie. 

What does the “3 A’s” of operation look like?

There are countless ways the spirit of destruction comes against you. Let’s take the example of someone who has gotten news that he or she didn’t perform as expected at work. 

The enemy makes an accusation such as…

  • You’re going to lose your job. You’re going to get laid off because you are stupid. You don’t know how to do your job.”  

The enemy assaults your mind with fear… 

  • “You are going to lose everything. You won’t be able to pay for your home, care for your family, or be able to find another job.”

You come into agreement with the lie…

  • “I won’t be able to make it. I’m going to lose everything. I need to start looking for another job right away and escape this feeling somehow.” 
Woman sitting on bed huddled around herself.

Oftentimes, when we surrender our thoughts to the spirit of destruction, we try to escape using unhealthy, ungodly methods. This could be anything from gossiping or stating the lie over and over again (word curses), to using drugs and alcohol to numb the pain. Whatever the case, when we agree with the lie, we are on a slippery slope sliding into a pit of despair. 

Speaking word curses opens up the mind to more influence from the spirit of destruction. We start to make always-and-never statements such as, “If I lose my job, I’ll never be able to provide for my family. I’ll always carry the labels of ‘failure’ and ‘someone who was fired.’” 

From there, we often start reviewing the past. We make a mental list of all the people who have hurt, lied to, and failed us. Then we become offended and walk in unforgiveness.

A quick way to identify if the spirit of destruction is at work is if there is constant confusion and carnal actions. In other words, does it feel like your mind and thoughts are being pulled this way and that (see James 1:6)? Do you notice yourself constantly operating out of emotion, being quick to act without first thinking through the cost of your actions (see Luke 14:18 and Proverbs 19:2; 21:5)?

If you have been isolating or being consumed by vain imaginations—which are worst-case scenario thoughts—the spirit of destruction is likely coming against you in some area of your life. 

The spirit of destruction creates a vicious cycle that must be stopped. 

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Stopping the Spirit of Destruction | Experiencing Deliverance

Now that we’ve identified how the spirit of destruction operates in our lives and the damage it can cause, we can ask the Holy Spirit to empower us to stop its influence. 


Apply the Word of God.

Get into the Word of God every day, then you will have the knowledge and words that will protect you against perishing under the pressures of the spirit of destruction (see Hosea 4:6). 


Change the way you are thinking.

As mentioned above, the spirit of destruction comes against the mind. It infiltrates your thoughts and you start to operate out of those destructive thoughts. When you pause and ask the Spirit to renew your mind, you will be able to change your habits and patterns. 


Transformation happens in prayer.

Through prayer, you can come before the Lord and acknowledge the accusation, assault, and agreement, having faith that the Lord who heals is ready to forgive (see Hebrews 4:16 and 1 John 1:9).

Prayer to Break Free from the Spirit of Destruction

Below is a prayer you can pray to experience deliverance from the spirit of destruction…

“Father God, in the name of Yeshua, I come to Your throne of grace today. I stop and erase all evil accusations against me that say: ‘I’m sick, I can’t, I won’t, I’m doomed, and I’m destroyed.’ I cancel every word that has ever been spoken against me, in the name of and by the blood of Yeshua. Let this cancelation be recorded in the Courts of Heaven along with every snare, curse, hex and vex, witchcraft word curse, and any other word curses that I have spoken in my life, known or unknown, in Yeshua’s name. I choose to receive forgiveness from Jesus for my sin of worrying and trying to fix things that I needed to surrender to You and stand in faith on. I decree that I am forgiven. 

“I repent, Lord. I have been wrong, blaming You and others for my bondage. I repent for speaking anything that is not in agreement with Your Word. Moving forward, I take responsibility and forgive those who trespass against me. My sin and theirs are forgiven by the blood of Jesus. Thank you, Lord, for sending upon me Your Spirit who comes with freedom and fire, empowering and blessing me. Holy Spirit, bless my mind, will, and emotions to be at peace and to have hope. I come into agreement that I am forgiven and redeemed of the Lord. In the name of Yeshua, I am free from the spirit of destruction, amen and amen!”

Moving Forward | Understanding What the Spirit of Destruction Costs Us…

As you’ve seen, the spirit of destruction is costly. It can cost us our mental energy, emotional well-being, relationships, jobs, and physical health for starters

The key to experience deliverance from this spirit is to…

… as often as necessary. And continue to feed your mind with the life-giving bread—the Word of God. These action steps will protect you from being consumed by the attacks of the enemy. 

Satan is called the accuser, and the Word says he accuses the brethren day and night (Revelation 12:10). So we know he won’t stop until he is thrown into the fiery lake by our King Yeshua. 

But until then, we can have hope that the Holy Spirit will equip us to deal with every attack and lead us to the victory our King has already won. And as a result, the glory of God will be magnified on earth and we will live the abundant life Yeshua paid for.