About Curt Landry

Curt and Christie Landry committed to full-time ministry in 1996 when they began helping the poor in Israel with humanitarian aid through various ministries.

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Curt Landry, separated from his biological family at birth and adopted at 6 months of age, began to reflect on the blessing and significance of loving, nurturing, and guiding parents later in life. He realized how much parents shape a child’s life. This understanding began to manifest the longer he has been in ministry and why his heart is to protect and provide for children from birth to adulthood in Israel.

Restoring God’s Covenant

As Well As Ministering Via Internet Streaming, Videos, And Television, Curt And Christie Travel Worldwide Speaking On The Power Of Covenant Restoration

Curt and Christie Landry have been actively involved in many levels of international leadership, including working with various government officials in Israel, and have a history of working alongside former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.