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Take charge of your spiritual, relational, physical, and emotional growth this year. Use biblical principles to reset your clock to the Lord’s and align your heart to the Father’s!

Unlock Your Identity and Destiny & Meet Your Goals This Year!

This isn’t about a New Year’s resolution that fades in a matter of weeks. This is about a New Year’s transformation that unlocks Kingdom destinies!

  • Discover the 5 Kingdom principles that align your heart and mind to the Father’s.
  • Get a personal strategy for His Kingdom purpose to be released in your life.
  • Find tips for establishing priorities and goals that produce good fruit all year.

Goals to Grow Workbook

A practical guide to help you plan for the year ahead, reset your spiritual clock, and unlock your Kingdom destiny!


Apply the Word of God to every area of your life!


Change your mind, will, and emotions to align with the Word!   


Be transformed into your Kingdom identity and unlock your destiny! 

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