Overcoming Rejection

Most people have experienced the painful sting of rejection. More often than not, deep and bitter wounds develop from these occurrences. Through the years, I have found that many Believers have [...]

Pain is Temporary… but Quitting is Permanent! (Part 2)

Thank you so much for joining me for Part 2 of this powerful, in-depth look into my recent message, “Pain is Temporary… but Quitting is Permanent!”  Only you can fulfill your call… Are you going [...]

“HANUKKAH—A Festival of LIGHT to the World!”

Hanukkah, which means, “dedication, consecration, or inauguration” in Hebrew, is also known as the “Feast of Dedication,” or the “Festival of Lights.” It is celebrated in Jewish communities [...]

Pain is Temporary… but Quitting is Permanent! (Part 1)

I’ve been sharing with our congregation that we are going through a time of testing, as God is allowing tests in our lives in this season so that we might be perfected in Him to answer our call. [...]

Stewardship of Time and Money: Part 2

Understanding How God Speaks… As an early Believer, I spent a lot of time in the Old Testament. I’m criticized for this, but the reason being is that I wanted to understand how God spoke through [...]

Stewardship of Time and Money: Part 1

Recently, I shared a word recently titled “Steward Ship of Time and Money.” It was a special night of breakthrough and I would like to share notes from this impactful service with you below. We [...]

God Has Made You Stronger Than You Know

In our times of doubt and distress, it is difficult to forget that God has made us capable of withstanding just about anything so long as we place our faith in Him. But it is true—each one of us [...]

The Parable of the Sower Explained

In my message, The Parable of the Sower Explained, I shared a preparatory word as we enter into this new Jewish year, 5778. I share my notes with you here.  Change the Way You Sow with Words, [...]

Blessing Blockers…How They Build Walls (2)

In the first part of our series we looked at how the enemy uses blockers to keep us locked-up in spiritual, emotional and physical bondages. These blockers keep us from walking in the fullness of [...]

Spiritual Blessing Blockers Series: Unblocking Your Blessings…Remove Blockers and Activate Blessings (1)

Whether we want to admit it or not, we are engaged in spiritual battles. The enemy plays games with our minds in hopes that we engage in simple things that block our blessings from the Lord. No [...]