Curt Landry’s Personal Testimony


About Curt Landry

The couple committed to full time ministry in 1996, continuing to help the poor in Israel with humanitarian aid through various ministries. After reconnecting with his own Jewish roots, after being separated from his biological family at birth, Curt has since been actively involved in many levels of international leadership; including participating in negotiations with the government of Israel with Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. These negotiations took place to bring the ship, The Spirit of Grace, into Israel as a first fruit love offering from the evangelical community in America.

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In early 2000, Curt and Christie were called into a pastorate position as they founded House of David Ministries, a congregation that now resides in Fairland, OK as well as international ministry headquarters. Curt Landry Ministries and House of David Ministries now co-labor together as they are actively involved with humanitarian aid outreaches in other areas of the world including but not limited to Israel, Indonesia, Ukraine, Hurricane Katrina victims, Togo, Haiti, and Nicaragua.

As well as ministering via Internet Streaming, videos, and via television Curt and Christie travel worldwide speaking on the power of covenant restoration

Healing signs and miracles, Israel and the Church, and the revelation of the One New Man spoken of in Ephesians 2. Among other outreaches they host work-tours and study tours to Israel each year. Curt and Christie were blessed to participate in outreaches with Dr. T.L. Osborn in Lome, Togo in 2006 as well as in Ponce, Puerto Rico in 2007.

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