Why Sponsor a Tree in Israel?

sponsor an olive tree

Sponsoring an olive tree is a great way to bless the people and land of Israel. And when you make your donation of $200, we want to send you a special thank you gift…You will receive:
A bottle of The King’s Oil – biblical anointing oil formulated according to Exodus 30.
A beautiful tallit – made in Israel and personally anointed and prayed over by Curt.
A Certificate of Authenticity inscribed with the name of your choice to recognize the olive tree you have planted in Israel.


In addition to being the CEO of Curt Landry Ministries, Curt Landry is also the CEO of an organization called My Olive Tree, whose goal is to restore Israel and reclaim the deserts by planting more than a million olive trees throughout the nation. These trees are a way to restore the Israel economy and fulfill the prophecies of Isaiah 35.

Curt Landry Ministries is pleased to support this project by offering you the ability to sponsor an olive tree right from our website.

But why exactly is this project so important, and why should you sponsor a tree? Consider the following:

  • It connects you to Israel. If you have been seeking a way to create a more tangible connection with Israel, this is a perfect opportunity for you. Having a tree there that was planted in your name will give you that connection you have been seeking. Should you ever visit Israel, you will be able to find the tree that you made possible. You are helping to bear fruit in more than one way.
  • It brings life back to Israel. The people of Israel have suffered through many hardships, especially in recent years. Every single donation helps us to meet our goal of restoring the agriculture and economy of the region, as it provides food and job opportunities for people throughout the region, especially during harvest time.
  • It is a display of faith. Our mission in Israel is entirely based on our faith and creating a bridge between our faith here in the western world and the needs of the people of Israel. Many people pray consistently for the welfare of the people of Israel, and the importance of that cannot be understated. However, this is an even more impactful way to make a difference, and all you need to do is make a financial gift.

For one $200 donation, we will plant a tree in your name in Israel, where it will grow and bear fruit for generations to come. For your generosity, you will receive a certificate of thanks, a bottle of the King’s Oil and a beautiful tallit made in Israel and personally anointed and prayed over by Curt Landry himself.

If you have any questions about sponsoring an olive tree, please feel free to contact us for more information.