Sukkot 2020 / 5781 A New Year to See the Faithfulness of Our God

From the Desk of Curt Landry…

Our God is faithful! Let that sink deep into your spirit… Our God is faithful!!! 

He does not change. His promises ring true yesterday, today, and forever. Never has it felt so critical that we carry this truth with us in 2020 when the world feels eerily unfamiliar. Yet, we can remain steadfast and anticipate the new era with joy. 

At Sukkot—the Feast of Tabernacles—we renew our covenant with God, seeing ourselves as His Bride. We prepare our hearts to abide in the new year’s abundance. 

Because God is sovereign and in control, we can depend on and trust in Him.

Friends, I encourage you to trust in our unchanging God more now than ever before. He is waiting to meet with you!

Sukkot is a feast that demonstrates God’s abundant provision in the wilderness, commemorating the Israelites’ journey in the desert. God was faithful in the desert and committed to bringing them to their Promised Land. 

Sukkot is a time when God Himself calls us to His table. He calls us to dwell with Him in peace. He gives us joy, abundance, and rest as His righteous judgment brings restoration.

At Sukkot, we tabernacle with our families and the Father at His table. He pours out His gifts upon us. In turn, we bring a gift into the Kingdom—a seed of thanks, faith, and dedication.

In biblical times, the Hebrew people would journey to Jerusalem to bring one of their three annual offerings to God at the Temple. This act of obedience made a statement, ‘God alone is our provider!’ It seeded the new year in hope, faith, and obedience. 

In modern times, families commemorate this time by building temporary shelters called Sukkahs, as our ancestors would have done in the wilderness. This act reminds our hearts where we come from and God’s faithfulness in our journey. 

This year is a special year for our family. I get a glimpse of the love of our Abba Father when I am with my grandchildren. This year, I am looking forward to sharing a Sukkot with Ariebella, who just turned five and is going to appreciate the nightly Sukkah tradition. I was saved during Sukkot at the age of 34, and my grandchildren were born during Sukkot… so this is always a special time of celebrating ‘new beginnings and new life’ for our family—a reminder that through every season, we can find His goodness!        

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It is our prayer that you will experience an encounter with the heart of the Father during Sukkot. Speak to the Rock and be set on a prosperous path in the year ahead. 

Speak to the Rock and Set Your Path… 

  1. Proclaim and Decree: Proclaim with your mouth, “I am entering into a new year” to establish alignment with God’s timeline. Decree with your heart that you will completely surrender to God’s sovereignty in the new era. 
  1. Believe and Agree: Believe in your soul that God’s faithfulness will lead you on a prosperous path. Agree in your spirit with the Word. 
  1. Sow a Seed: The final step activates everything you have proclaimed, decreed, believed, and agreed with in the first two steps. Sow a seed of faith and protect the promise of your purposeful path. 

Therefore, let us bring an offering during Sukkot, sowing seeds of faith that will be multiplied for His Kingdom purposes…  

Thank you for your generous heart!

Sukkot, being the first pilgrim feast, sets the pace for the increase of your harvest for the year ahead. Speak to the Rock and sow into what you want manifested in the coming year. 

Today, we sow our Sukkot seed into the restoration of our families and our future. We sow knowing and trusting that our Rock will always provide! 

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