Some Shocking Statistics about Poverty in Israel

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Israel is one of 34 countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which means it is classified as one of the more highly developed countries in the world. In fact, a 2014 ranking placed Israel 16th among 187 nations on the United Nation’s Human Development Index, which means it ranks as being “very highly developed.” And yet, despite these facts and despite the fact that Israel has one of the highest birth life expectancies in the world, there are still some shocking statistics about poverty and standard of living in the country.

For example: out of all OECD countries, Israel has by far the highest poverty rate. An annual report showed that poverty rates have been rising in Israel, with a total of 1.7 million Israelis living below the poverty line. That amounts to a 20.9 percent poverty rate, which is almost double the OECD average (11.3 percent).

There is also a much larger disparity of wealth in Israel than in other highly developed nations. The top 10 percent in OECD countries earn an average of approximately 9.5 times that of the bottom 10 percent. In Israel, the top 10 percent earn approximately 14 times of what people on the bottom earn, and that gap seems to be growing every year.

Israel on average also has leGiving Offering Blessing Metal Style Backgroundss faith in its government and financial institutions, less disposable income and less income in general than most OECD countries.

While things could certainly be much worse for Israel, which ranked 44th out of 187 in UN rankings for standard of living, it is clear that the country is falling far below the standards typically seen in “developed” countries. Add in the constant threat of war and roving bands of terrorists in nearby countries, and there is certainly a lot to be concerned about in Israel right now.

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