Pray for Peace Along the Israel-Lebanon Border

Recent skirmishes between Israeli and Lebanese troops have come to a halt, after Lebanese soldiers killed two Israeli service members. Israel announced that it had gotten a message from the Lebanese peacekeeping force UNIFIL that Hezbollah did not wish to escalate violence to any further levels.

It is certainly a good sign that the fighting was able to be ended before things really got out of hand. Israel and Lebanon have technically been at war for many years, even if there hasn’t always been actual violence occurring. The most recent fighting was the most serious along the Israel-Lebanon border since 2006, when 34 days of conflict sparked terror in the region.

Hezbollah was likely hesitant to escalate the violence to greater levels because it is also currently focusing on the Syrian civil war, where it has backed Damascus throughout the fighting so far. Israel has gone on record as saying it would cause ruin to Lebanon should a full-on conflict ever again begin.

It is thought that the recent fighting at the border was instigated by Lebanon on response to an air strike Israel coordinated in Syria a week prior. Because Lebanon is so invested in the Syrian civil war, they may have considered the strike to be an attack by proxy on Lebanon itself.

With these most recently conflicts coming to an end, we at Curt Landry Ministries ask you to turn your thoughts and prayers toward the American soldier with flag on background - IsraelIsraeli people near the Lebanese border. These are people who are forced to live in constant fear of the potential of another large-scale conflict, and the latest skirmishes must have been quite frightening to them. Pray that these people will remain safe, that they will commune with God to find hope, and that there will soon be peace in Israel so that people no longer have to live in fear of their neighboring countries and regions.

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