News Update from Israel | Providing Masks and Food to Israeli Officials


The coronavirus crisis has changed our lives and those across the world. During the COVID-19 lockdown in Israel, Sam, our Curt Landry Ministries boots-on-the-ground, had to seek special permission from Israeli officials to deliver the food you all provide through your sponsorships.  

He was granted access, and because of your generosity and consistent partnership, he was asked by the officials if Curt Landry Ministries could also provide sandwiches to the police teams working long hours at checkpoints along the nation’s borders.  

Because of you, we could say, “Yes!” 

Your Generosity Has Created a Bridge of Friendship 

You are why we can say yes to these additional asks when they come up in Israel. Your monthly support and heart for God’s people makes a way to sow seeds of hope. Connections and friendships form over time. And you have created a bridge of friendship in God’s land so we can freely cross it and bless those you love!   

The reason Israeli officials make their needs known to us is because of the long-term friendship you’ve allowed us to form.  

The Bible says that true friendship refreshes the soul (Proverbs 27:9), and this is how these soldiers in Israel view your partnership, as a sweet friendship.  

Sam and His Crew Arrive at Ma’ale Adumim… and Terror Hits 

As Sam and his crew were delivering items to soldiers at a checkpoint between Jerusalem and Ma’ale Adumim, they witnessed a terrorist attack.  

A Palestinian hit an Israeli soldier with a van then got out and started stabbing him. Fortunately, the terrorist was apprehended, and the soldier did not suffer any significant injuries. He is safe and secure.  

Click Here to Watch the Video

This video gives you an idea of what these soldiers could go through at any time. The fact that they have partners like you, whom they know as a friend and stands by them even in a time of global crisis, speaks volumes.  

Want to bless Israel’s heroes?  

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When the time of crisis comes, you are a trusted friend to those in Israel. The continued support allows the bridge to be traveled during tough times, making your impact that much greater. Your support touches those who protect those living in the most dangerous and highly contested land of the world.  

Thank You! 

The soldiers and police officials send their joyful thanks. In fact, one police officer was so thrilled to receive the gifts that he told Sam with a laugh, “If I ever catch you speeding, don’t worry, I won’t give you a ticket.”  

They received nourishment during a long workday and now have fresh, clean masks (adorned with the Israeli flag) as a reminder of your support.  

To some, it might be a simple gift, but to them is a symbol of friendship.  

Thank you for continuing to stand with Israel and being a part of her restoration.  

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem 
‘May they prosper who love you. 
Peace be within your walls, 
Prosperity within your palaces.’ 
For the sake of my brethren and companions, 
I will now say, ‘Peace be within you.’ 
Because of the house of the Lord our God 
I will seek your good.” 
Psalm 122:6-9 

Want to bless Israel’s heroes?  

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