Never Again!


“For you, brethren, have been called to liberty; only do not use liberty as an

opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.”—Galatians 5:13

Recently, I was a guest on a DayStar fundraising for Israel program. The theme was ‘Never Again.’ That night served as an important reminder of the horrors of the Holocaust as we stood in front of a replica of a concentration camp entrance. Curt Landry Ministries has been called to be a voice crying: never again. We are called to be a voice for freedom and independence. We are a called to bring deliverance and liberty. As I stood on the DayStar set, I felt the Lord impress upon me the importance of praying for the United States because we are now found on a very similar train track heading towards an inevitable collision unless there is a change of course.

Sow into the FUTURE!

The strongest weapon that the Nazi’s used was not bombs and bullets—it was propaganda. They used propaganda to manipulate and control the souls of millions of people—to convince them that the only solution was the elimination of the Jewish people. Today, many Americans feel that the only solution to our nation’s woes is the removal of Christianity and the Christian roots and history of our nation—the elimination of our faith. I want to remind you that our nation has a rich history of faith that is strongly connected with Israel. I believe that this is why the enemy is trying to remove that connection of blessing from America. He is attempting to remove the blessing of Genesis 12:3. He is trying to get us to trade the blessing for a curse—the truth for a lie.

Have you ever heard the theory that Christopher Columbus was Jewish?

This theory was explained in a Huffington Post article published on May 22, 2012:Have you ever heard the theory that Christopher Columbus was Jewish? “Some scholars, after analyzing Columbus’ will and other documents, have devised a new theory about the explorer. They believe he was a Marrano, or a Jew who pretended to be a Catholic to avoid religious persecution. These historians also theorize that Columbus’ main goal in life was to liberate Jerusalem from Muslim control, and that he decided to take his historic quest to North America in order to find a new homeland for Jews who had been forced out of Spain… “Scholars also point to the real financiers of the voyage as evidence of the trip’s purpose. While most schoolchildren grow up learning that the expedition was financed by Queen Isabella, historians say it was mostly paid for by two prominent Jews who had been forced to convert to Catholicism, Louis de Santangel and Gabriel Sanchez.” It is also recorded that Don Isaac Abrabanel, a rabbi and Jewish statesman, helped fund the voyage.

If you have not heard this theory before, I bet it surprises you!

There is quite a bit of evidence to support this theory. For example, Columbus’ final will included a request that one tenth of his income (a tithe) be given to the poor, and that part of his income should provide a dowry for poor young women—both long-held Jewish traditions.

Tithe into the Future of Israel!

In addition, Columbus was originally scheduled to set sail on August 2, 1492, the Jewish Holy Day of Tisha B’Av which marks the destruction of the First and Second Temple. The departure was postponed one day, perhaps in order to avoid setting sail on this unlucky and somber day of remembrance. Instead, Columbus set sail on the day that the Spanish government gave Jews three choices: convert, leave, or die. It is amazing to think that North America may have been discovered with the heart intention of finding a safe place for the Jewish people to call home, and thereby a place of religious freedom and Sow your Seed of Independence TODAY!independence. Regardless of what you believe about Christopher Columbus, when we fast-forward to US independence, it is clear that our founding fathers desired to give birth to a nation of independence and freedom. Yet now, more than ever, our independence and freedom are being threatened… We need a “but God” moment! Today, I am asking you to sow a seed of independence… What do you need freedom from? Do you need financial independence? Then sow your seed for financial independence. Do you need independence from disease and sickness? Then sow your seed for freedom and healing. Do you need independence from the spirit of divorce or depression? Then sow your seed for your freedom!

Sow your Seed of Independence TODAY!

Declare LIBERTY! Name your seed today and expect the harvest. “Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage…”—Galatians 5:1 Thank you for sowing and supporting Curt Landry Ministries. May the Lord move mightily on your behalf, and grant you the independence you are believing for! And may we all say: never again! Believing with you! signature of churt landry