Kingdom Finance Series | What Does the Bible Say About Building Kingdom Wealth?

There Is a Connection Between Healing and Building Kingdom Wealth

Did you know that there is a connection between healing and building Kingdom wealth? Many Believers struggle financially, and I want to respond to their cries for help.  

Before I became a Christian, I was a businessman. When I became a Believer, I had no idea of the devastation that finance played in the Body of Christ. There is little understanding of what God says about Kingdom wealth. 

Those who reached out to me about their finances with a heart set on building Kingdom wealth were living far below where their God-given talents and abilities could take them. Yes, money management was a huge part of that issue, but another missing piece was the connection between a broken past and their financial struggle. The broken past was most often buried deep beneath the surface.

What Is Standing in My Way of Kingdom Wealth?

We have all been hurt, bitter, resentful, and angry at one time. Those hurts in our heart plant seeds of bitterness that will eventually impact multiple areas of our lives.

“A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.”—Matthew 7:18

For years, we have been honored to pray and walk alongside many people as they begin the steps to heal from pain and hurt in their past and understand God’s heart on Kingdom wealth.

Our prayer team and I have discussed some of the deeper pain points many people share when seeking counsel. Does it surprise you that some of the greatest concerns for most people today are regarding their finances?

However, as people meet with our prayer team to discuss financial struggles, they begin by disclosing issues of the heart: 

  • Unforgiveness
  • Doubt 
  • Anger
  • Bitterness

… and so on. I’ve known for years that so many need to understand Kingdom wealth and biblical finances. However, what caught my attention in my conversation with the prayer team was that financial struggles were only a small portion of an even bigger issue.

silhouette of a woman sitting on a mountain praying about her kingdom wealth.

Building Kingdom Wealth Starts with You

I want to stop right here and tell you something that might be very difficult to hear. If you want change, YOU must hold yourself accountable for the results. We can and want to spend time in prayer with you, and at the end of the prayer session, our prayer team will challenge you… just like I’m challenging you today.

Bitterroots in our lives are toxic waste dumps where we have allowed a lie from Satan to infiltrate our hearts and minds. When those remain, we begin to doubt and even curse God over time. Wrong attitudes of the heart, where we had chosen to neglect the promises given to us in the Word of God, hinder how we can receive blessings from Him throughout the rest of our lives.

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Healing and Kingdom Wealth Come When We Get to the Root of the Problem 

There are three parts to the initial stages of a breakthrough…

  1. You must confess there is an issue
  2. You must ask for help and support
  3. You must apply the advice and wisdom given

The first two steps are the easiest to take. The third step takes time and effort. We have experienced that many people understand that there is brokenness and pain in their lives. They ask for prayer, direction, and instruction. However, the process begins to break down when they begin to apply the instruction to their lives. If we refuse to follow the instruction all the way through, the breakthrough won’t happen.

Let’s Deal with What Hinders Your Breakthrough

We want to help you unlock your godly inheritance this year. So let’s begin dealing with the key pain points that hinder your breakthrough.

First, know that God is a covenant-keeping God. We must stand in the truth of who we are as children of the Most High God. We must stand on the biblical promises of hope and a future.

Next, seek to understand the Jewish roots of financial giving: the purposes of 

  • Tithing
  • Firstfruits
  • Feast offerings
  • Alms 

Finally, apply biblical principles of finance to step into your breakthrough. 

This year is about wholeness. When you walk in lack, something is missing. So align your financial goals with God’s for you and grow in the year to come.  

What Is Kingdom Wealth?

Though many seek counsel regarding finances, Kingdom wealth encompasses more than the balance in your bank account. Unbalanced areas of our lives, like finances or health, often reflect deeper heart issues that rob us of the promises of Yeshua.

What Kingdom wealth really is, is resting in God’s promises, trusting His sovereign rule, choosing contentment in areas that have yet to be restored, and being patient to walk in the obedience of God’s perfect timing.

Because God is in the business of transforming our minds and hearts to be more like His Son, Yeshua, we must seek His will in the areas where the enemy has attempted to rob us of God’s true joy. Then we will experience the breakthrough to a peace that passes all understanding—the kind that only God can provide.

Are you struggling to walk in Kingdom wealth and want to see God move in this next year? Align your goals with His