An Impartation from the Spirit to Empower You for Your Purpose

Are you ready for an impartation from the Spirit to empower you for your purpose? Let’s take a look at the Israelites’ journey from Passover to Shavuot and see the opportunities God has for us in this season.

When the Israelites left Egypt in the great Exodus of God’s people, they… 

  • Were chased by the Egyptians. 
  • Were attacked by the Amalekites. 
  • Witnessed the miracle of the Red Sea.
  • Fed on manna from Heaven. 
  • Waited for Moses’ return from Mount Sinai with God’s instruction

This period leading up to Shavuot, when the Torah and the Ten Commandments were received, was a period of waiting and heart preparation. It was an impartation of instruction that empowered God’s Chosen People with spiritual identity and purpose and forever set them apart from the nations.

What Is Shavuot?

  • The giving and receiving of God’s covenant instruction and the impartation of identity and spiritual “DNA.”
  • The grain harvest and celebration of God’s provision–a time to honor Him truly as Lord of the Harvest. 
  • One of the three Pilgrim Feasts, when a male representative from each family would appear before God in Jerusalem, bringing their new grain offering–the harvest of firstfruits.

In non-leap years on the Hebrew calendar, Shavuot often coincides with Pentecost, when we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit. “Pentekoste,” meaning fiftieth, was the ancient Greek term referring to Shavuot (celebrated 50 days after Passover).

The Opportunity God Gives Believers at Shavuot

Shavuot is an opportunity for us to:

  • Embrace God’s instruction for this new season. At Passover, we were delivered. At Shavuot, we are empowered with covenant identity. 
  • Wait on the Lord for a fresh impartation of the Holy Spirit. We are empowered with Holy Spirit fire to walk out what we have been called for. 
  • Bring an offering to the Lord and acknowledge He is the provider of all things. True provision encompasses aspects such as wealth, health, and relationships. Our offering shows a heart posture that we do not appear before the Lord empty-handed!

Shavuot 2024/ 5784 —The Wind and the Fire of New Creation in Him

Field of wheat with shimmering fiery wind passing through the ripe harvest.

This is the last major feast of the Hebrew year 5784, and I believe it marks a “moed” (a divine appointment) to receive the impartation of the wind and fire of Holy Spirit instruction so that we can move and prosper as a new creation in Messiah—as One New Humanity. 

Shavuot marks both the “last” and a new beginning opportunity to fully embrace our covenant identity that is made new in Yeshua:

  • “Therefore, if anyone is united with the Messiah, he is a new creation — the old has passed; look, what has come is fresh and new!”—2 Corinthians 5:17 (CJB, emphasis added)
  • “Then He who sat on the throne said, ‘Behold, I make all things new.’”—Revelation 21:5 (emphasis added) 
  • “Thus says the Lord, who makes a way in the sea and a path through the mighty waters,  who brings forth the chariot and horse, the army and the power (they shall lie down together, they shall not rise; they are extinguished, they are quenched like a wick): ‘Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth; shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.’”—Isaiah 43:16-19 (emphasis added)

Like the Israelites, we have gone through seasons where God had to make a way for us through the sea, a way of escape through a narrow place, and we have found victory and security in God alone. In this season, we must choose to fully embrace the instruction and the NEW THING that is springing forth from the wilderness–the rivers beginning to flow from your desert season.

This year, as we celebrate Shavuot together and bring our offering to the Lord, we are doing so in faith, decreeing together as the Curt Landry Ministries family:

  • “We will not remember the former things. We will embrace God’s instruction and our covenant identity. We bring our offering in faith and obedience like the generations before us, trusting God the Father to provide all we need in this new season. May the rivers begin to flow from the wilderness season–overflowing and pouring out! May this Shavuot truly be a moment of activation and impartation with the wind and fire of new creation! Amen.”

Check out our latest Shavuot service here and receive divine instruction for the days ahead.