Hamas Rebuilding its Operations in Gaza

Gaza War on Warning Road Sign on Sunset Sky Background.

According to a report from The Jerusalem Post, Hamas and other allied terrorist organizations have spent the past several months doing everything they can to rebuild their terrorist operations in Gaza.

While Israel dealt a devastating blow to Hamas in Operation Protective Edge over the summer, they were not going to be discouraged for very long. These recent reports indicate that the aim of Hamas is to fully recover the military infrastructure that had been damaged in the summer conflicts, not only to return to their previous capabilities but to actually expand on what they are able to do with their terrorist operations.

Sources close to the situation say that Hamas has already gotten the necessary funding to complete the rebuild, as well as personnel and equipment to help make it happen, even though there are shortages in the civilian area of the Gaza Strip. This is slightly surprising when you consider how much the civilian recovery in Gaza has been delayed since the conflicts this summer.

It’s already known that Hamas is using and has in the past used its media to raise support for its military and operations and to spread propaganda about the

importance of creating an “armed resistance” against Israel. The goal is to indoctrinate children and teenagers, specifically boys between the ages of 15 and 21, who have been the subject of a great deal of military recruitment in the region.

One report indicates that more than 17,000 youths are being trained in Gaza camps, getting military training as well as specialized training in how to kidnap soldiers and engage in tunnel warfare. Reports also indicate that religious indoctrination is a major part of their training.

It’s difficult to predict at this point how this will all turn out, but as always it seems as though peace is still a long way off in Gaza.

We hope that you will join us in praying for the people of Israel and the innocent people in Gaza. They are caught in the crossfire of a long and dreadful war that has torn the Holy Land apart for generation after generation. Please keep them in your thoughts. We will continue to follow developments in the news as they occur.