God Has Prepared a Table for You

Psalm 23 is a reminder that God prepares a table for you in the presence of your enemies. The place setting is exquisite. Extravagant dishes are spread out before you. You sit down at the place He has for you and notice the enemy is prowling.

You have a choice.

You can focus on the Lord, trusting in His Word—that He will protect you with His rod and staff—or you can focus on the enemy, getting pulled into a mindset of doubt and unbelief. 

Passover | The Table God Has Prepared for You

We know that the enemy prowls around like a lion seeking whom he may devour. We know he comes only to kill, steal, and destroy. He gets agitated, frustrated, and angry when you come to meet with the Lord, putting your feet beneath His table during the appointed times on His calendar. He knows great blessings are about to be released upon you.

Yeshua said He came to give you abundant life. The key to this abundance is first to BELIEVE His Word. Then you must ACTIVATE His Word. 

We want you to KNOW, SEE, and FEEL what God has for you in this Passover season… BELIEVE!

KNOW the Lord has prepared a table for you in the midst of your enemies. Times are turbulent, but you have still been called to sit at the Father’s table. This is where He will anoint your head with fresh oil.  

SEE the value of putting your feet under the Father’s table. Take a moment to still your soul. Make it a discipline. Invest in your and in your family’s spiritual lives.

FEEL a part of a family. You have been called home. You have been called to the Father’s heart. Feel the power of spiritual adoption. You are no longer a foreigner or stranger but a citizen with God’s people.    

A man and his daughter, reading the haggadah at the dinner table, excitedly waiting for their meal.

A.C.T. | Activate God’s Word

Psalm 23 begins  with these words, “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” Passover is a time to activate God’s Word in your life. 

Black and white illustration of a Bible.
Two arrows, one pointing to the right and one pointing to the left.
A circle, square, and triangle connected by lines, with rotating arrows in the middle; transformation concept with shapes.




Apply the principle of unifying your words and actions as a “two-edged sword.” You have been given a new identity as a child of God. Spend time with your family in fellowship. Develop your relationship with Him. He is your Father and Shepherd. He is your Provider. Speak this and take action that aligns your soul with this truth. Show up at His table during His appointed times (moeds). This action is like a weapon in the spirit.

Change your mindset from that of an orphan to a true son or daughter. Take a moment to meditate and declare these words, “The fight for my identity is over. I will quit trying to improve myself to impress other people. I will let go of the fear of man. I will come home to my Father’s table—a table of love, acceptance, true identity, and purpose.”

Transform and know how it is to “be.” You have received the Spirit of adoption. The blessings of Romans 8 are yours! Be a part of God’s family. Cry out to your Abba Father. You are in a relationship with the Father. The Holy Spirit equips you to walk in your identity and inheritance. 

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Align Your Seed | Activate God’s Word

As you move into the last part of the first quarter of the year, align the seeds you sow with the goals you want to grow. 

We want you to RECEIVE all that God has for you! 

The Seeds to Sow

  • Words
  • Giving
  • Actions

In order to have peace and grow the goals you set for yourself, your seeds need to be in harmony and alignment with each other. 

In other words, you can decree, “I am wealthy.” Yet if it is not backed by giving and actions that reflect generosity, the decree is delayed or even canceled.

If you decree, “I am healthy.” Yet no action is taken to make the change required to see the manifestation, no fruit of this seed is seen.  

These same principles apply in the spirit…

  • Place your feet beneath the Father’s table.
  • Ask Him to remind you of the seeds He wants you to sow.
  • Decree them. Give them. Activate them.
  • Watch as the fruit begins to blossom in the next season. 

We look forward to celebrating the 5782/2022 Passover feast with you in-person or during our LIVE Broadcast on April 15th, 2022, 7:45 PM CT at CurtLandry.com/Live. Let us come together as One New Man, honoring our Father, ready to receive the fresh oil He will anoint us with. We are not orphans but grafted into His family, and it is time to come home!