God Has Made You Stronger Than You Know

In our times of doubt and distress, it is difficult to forget that God has made us capable of withstanding just about anything so long as we place our faith in Him. But it is true—each one of us has been uniquely gifted by God to carry out His work and bring glory to Him. This means that we are capable of overcoming even in times of our lowest lows, simply by maintaining a focus on completing His work.

No matter what struggles you are currently going through, God has given you the characteristics you need to serve and glorify Him.

As a Believer, your life has been given tremendous meaning, and you can worship the Lord through the strengths with which He has blessed you.

It is true—God has blessed you with strengths that He wants you to use and explore to their fullest extent.

At Curt Landry Ministries, we want this for you as well.

We would first like to thank you for giving your heart to prayer. We are constantly praying for you as well—lifting your struggles up to Christ, and asking God to break through whatever barriers exist, in order to help you in powerful ways every day of your life.

Our mission is to encourage and assist all Believers in carrying out the tasks they have been called by God to accomplish, and to spread the Gospel throughout the world. This will help to bring a restoration through a much deeper understanding of your Jewish faith roots until the Messiah returns.

Remember that you already have been given all the characteristics that you need in order to fully live out your life and achieve your God-given purpose.

Even when times get tough, you have an innate ability to achieve God’s will, no matter how unworthy or “messed up” you deem yourself to be.

Today, we would like to help you to discover exactly how God wants you to use the gifts He has given you for His glory. We have created a simple, single-question survey to help you identify the strengths you have within you, and to gain a better understanding of how those strengths fit into God’s plan for you and for His Kingdom. After answering this single question, you will receive resources to guide you through your faith journey and help you hone your skills and strengths.

Discover your Godly strengths today by taking this quick survey on our website!