Faith in God

People who suffer in this way are lost and miserable—Believers and unbelievers alike.

The most miserable and unhappy people I know are those who feel rejected and do not know who they are or where they belong. People who suffer in this way are lost and miserable—Believers and unbelievers alike.

So, many times we are so busy waiting on God to show us the BIG picture that we forget to take the small steps necessary to one day find ourselves in the middle of the “big picture” we have been waiting on.

When I was a very young Believer I began volunteering with a ministry doing video editing. I had been working in stereo equipment sales so I was technologically savvy for the early 90’s… but I was basically an amateur. Regardless, I wanted to offer what I had to do what I could in that moment.

At that point-in-time I was not a speaker. I was not a pastor. I was not even in leadership. But I was a servant.

The Lord wants to know that you will be faithful in the small things before He promotes you.

>>>Faithful servants are promoted!<<<

But sometimes it is easy to get impatient while waiting on the promotion… and with the impatience comes a flood of other emotions: anger, despair and frustration.

People who suffer in this way are lost and miserable—Believers and unbelievers alike. Are you in a season of waiting? 

For those of us who are waiting, I would like to remind you of a few things:

You have to seek the Lord. Not a man. Not a conference. Not a feeling. You have to seek the Lord for yourself. This takes time and discipline.

You have to train yourself to wait upon the Lord. Waiting is an exercise; it isn’t easy but it is necessary. Sometimes you have to still your mind and your soul so that you can listen and wait on the Lord. And, sometimes He isn’t going to answer… but you have to be okay with that. We cannot become answer worshipers—we have to become God worshipers. We need to learn to sit with Him because we enjoy Him.

Our nation has become “prayer-less”—we don’t take the time to pray because we don’t think God hears us. So, instead of praying we complain and allow unthankful hearts to seed the atmosphere—in the opposite spirit of positive prayers seeding the atmosphere. We allow our souls to run rampant, and the enemy offers to fill the void with the counterfeit to what we really need. We must learn to bring our souls into alignment and submission to the Word of God.

How do we do this? Consistency is the key! Our souls will submit to His Word when we spend consistent time in prayer.

There are no fast fixes in life. You cannot diet for 5 days or exercise for a week and see lasting results. You have to make a consistent effort to notice real change…

In consistency lies the victory!

As the Body of Christ we have moments of prayers, and days of fasting. We have prayer gatherings, and prayer conferences. We have prayer initiatives, and nights of intercession. But overall we do not have consistent prayer. People who suffer in this way are lost and miserable—Believers and unbelievers alike.

The enemy wants to discourage you. He wants you to become distracted. The enemy wants you to ask, “Why didn’t I get my way?” But the Lord’s desire for you is the complete opposite—He wants you to trust Him with the results.

Sometimes the Lord wants to trust you with suffering and difficult situations. It isn’t a popular message, but it is true. It is a great honor to be trusted with suffering.

Today, I want to challenge you to take 5 minutes every morning and every evening to lay your requests before the Lord. Just ask. Let Him know your need. Don’t beg. Just talk. Just communicate.

Commit to this challenge for the next 30 days and see God move in your life and in your heart.

Recognize your need and recognize that He is the answer—because there is no answer outside of Him that will satisfy.

“But I am poor and needy;
Yet the Lord thinks upon me.
You are my help and my deliverer;
Do not delay, O my God.”

—Psalm 40:17

People who suffer in this way are lost and miserable—Believers and unbelievers alike. Friend, you have a call on your life and I hope you have a desire to find out who you are and what you are called to do in the Lord. Remember that many don’t answer the call because they want a sign and not suffering. They want success and not suffering. They want increase and not suffering. They want anything but suffering! But sometimes suffering is required on the journey to your call.

Many people want a solution more than they want their calling.

You have to be willing to give up everything you have, everything you have worked for, before you can truly answer His call on your life.

Where is His call? How can you hear it?

His call is heard and answered in the quiet place of prayer and silence. Sometimes it is but a whisper… but have faith in God, because once you hear His voice you will recognize it as the rhythm of your own heart… making every sacrifice along the journey more than worth it!