Faith, Family and Legacy Interview Series | Part 4: Family

Recently, we spoke with Curt Landry and his wife, Christie, about how their faith has shaped their lives, ministry and home life. Megan Marcellino, the Landry’s daughter, also shared with us about her faith journey as a ministry-working mom.


“My son, hear the instruction of your father, and do not forsake the law of your mother.”—Proverbs 1:8

The foundation of the Landry’s parenting is rooted in their faith.  They raised their daughter to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and while their granddaughter, Ariebella, was in the womb, they covered her with prayer to prepare for her arrival.

Let’s take a deeper look how they have incorporated their faith into their family.


Question: How do you view parenting?

Curt’s Answer: When God gives you a child… it’s like a canvas. You can paint what you think it should be, or you can take what the Holy Spirit says about the child, facilitating God’s image and equipping this person for their future. Prepare the child before she is born and pray God’s Word over her.

Question: How did you balance work and family while Megann (daughter) was growing up?

Curt’s Answer: Well, not as good as I do now. I didn’t always have an office at home, but now I do. This allows me to work from home more. When Ariebella is over, I’ll say, “I’m going to work!” She plays and pretends she’s going to work too.

[Curt laughs] She will say, “I’ve gotta go to work!,” and then sit down beside me and write. It’s fun to see her really enjoying it. It’s important to raise children up in a way that shows them work is not the enemy. Explain that if you want to live with certain things, you’ll need to work. That it is a gift.

Christie Answers: We’ve taught Megann to enjoy where she is today, but also to take personal responsibilities with time management. Things don’t simply happen just because you pray, but God wants to show you His plan. When you envision and pray the promises from the Lord, things start to happen.

Question: What are some of your fears as grandparents?                

Curt’s Answer: The fear would be that Ariebella doesn’t have the skills to manage the inheritance she is left. But this is what we need to teach her, how to manage it all.

Christie Adds: It’s our responsibility to teach her to walk in alignment with God’s gifting.

Our children need to know that opposition will come, but it doesn’t mean they don’t respect others around them. This is what they need to be taught, how to handle it. To be strong in their conviction, and to give a reason for the hope they have.

Question: What role should a parent serve in their child’s life?

Curt’s Answer: They need to be taught about respect. A parent is friendly, but not their friend. There are times when the parent is the “king” and child responds because mom or dad says so. There are times when the parent is the “priest” and mom or dad spiritually lead and teach the child.

It’s important to show respect and loyalty to your child, never calling them out in front of others when they have done wrong.

My favorite passage about a parent is John 3:16 because it shows that God is a giver, not a taker. As a parent we should do the same. Children are arrows in your quiver. You are to raise them up to be warriors and ambassadors for the Kingdom. They belong to God, not you.  

Christie’s Answer: As a mom, I knew I wanted something better for Megann than what I had growing up in a home of non-Believers. As a mom, I knew it was my responsibility to walk in a way that was pleasing to God, and to teach her the same.

Question: What advice do you tell those coming to you for marriage counseling sessions?

Curt’s Answer: I first ask them, “What is your dream after marriage?” If your dream is big, you’ll need to have an expectation to build to that if you aren’t at that level at this time. You’ll need emotional intelligence and business intelligence.

Sometimes couples come in and they know what they want in their future, but don’t have a plan to get there. This needs to be discussed.

Question: What is the key to happy, healthy marriages and families?

Curt’s Answer: Don’t preach it, live it. Pray over the health of your family and teach your children to take care of God’s economy, such as giving, tithing and giving to the poor and widows.

Share your testimony of how God changed your life, and let them see you praying. It is good that they see a model of prayer. Husbands need to support the time that their wives are in prayer, and children need to respect that time too.

[Christie smiles at Curt’s statement] If momma gets to pray it makes the day go much better!

Every member of the family needs to understand that they each have responsibilities to bring peace into the home, so that as a family we can hear from the Lord.

The takeaway: The Landry’s continuously spoke about the importance of teaching and instructing children. At times it may seem like there is no rest in the journey of parenting, but teaching isn’t necessarily about telling your child, but showing your child.

The Landry’s live what they preach, which has made parenting, and grandparenting, easier as the next generation saw their faith at work.

They stress the importance of spiritual leadership and coming along side your child to teach them in the ways they should go.

“My son, hear the instruction of your father, and do not forsake the law of your mother.”—Proverbs 1:8

This verse is actively displayed in their parenting. They use wisdom to teach their child and grandchild to hear the instruction given, and warn about the dangers of forsaking the law. As a result, transparency runs throughout this tight-knit family that is rooted in the Word of God.