Consider Israel This Fall

This fall, millions of Americans will head to the voting booths to make important decisions on a local, state and federal level. Our one request at Curt Landry Ministries is to prayerfully consider the Holy Land as you cast your votes.

Israel has long been one of the most loyal allies to the United States. America has been one of the few countries in the world to step up and provide Israel with the aid it needs. Even just a few weeks ago, the two nations agreed to a record $38 billion deal that will see the United States continue to assist Israel for years to come.

The negative effects of a lack of support for Israel caused by our votes might not manifest themselves immediately, but could have a significant impact on the country’s wellbeing moving forward. While conflict is currently in something of a lull in Israel, the nation is still right in the middle of some of the most severe unrest in the world. Military conflict with the Palestinians is a constant legitimate concern—tensions remain high, and in the past it has not taken much for war to start up again.

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There is also the ongoing strife of the Syrian civil war and the refugee crisis it has caused. With Israel being so close in proximity to Syria, the effects of that crisis could easily spill over into the nation. America’s protection and financial support means a great deal to Israel in keeping the country and its innocents safe from outside harm in these unstable times.

Our choices matter. While none of us are able to single handedly put a stop to war or other crises facing the Holy Land, we all can chip in in seemingly small ways to help keep the region safe. Aside from voting, you also have the opportunity to do this by contributing to the various humanitarian aid projects we sponsor at Curt Landry Ministries. We are constantly engaged in efforts to keep the Holy Land safe and to bless the innocent people who live there.

For more information about how you can help Israel this fall and beyond, contact us today at Curt Landry Ministries.