Your MONTHLY Giving Makes a Huge Difference


Curt Landry Ministries celebrates our Covenant Partners—those who have committed to contribute to the ministry on a monthly basis. You need to know that your monthly giving makes a huge difference!

Here are just a few areas where your gifts have helped support…

  • Providing food and shelter for the needy—taking part in various feeding programs and providing protection through restoration of community centers
  • Providing care, honor and respect for Holocaust Survivors
  • Fully sponsoring Safe Houses in Jerusalem that care for young adults in need
  • Funding the Beit She’an After School Music Program for disadvantaged youth
  • Meeting the needs of the underprivileged throughout Israel by special request, including things like school supplies, heaters, air conditioners, and knife proof vests
  • Being a voice of truth for Israel—a vessel of communication and education to the nations


You may assume that a small monthly gift cannot make a significant impact, but this just isn’t true. While many ministries seek to find partners who will give a one-time large donation, the inconsistency of funds like these make it difficult to know how to make promises on future projects—causing ministries to never be sure when or where those finances will come in.


While we are grateful for those who do chose to donate in this way, we truly do rely on those who give regular donations twelve months out of the year.

We need people like you to stand with us. Knowing that you are with us brings so much confidence to continue projects, like the ones we mentioned above. As we stand before abandoned children, Holocaust Survivors, and Lone Soldiers and their families, I cannot tell you how many times they have asked us to pass on their gratitude to you—our faithful supporters.

The nation of Israel needs to know that YOU are standing with THEM. They need to know that there are many of us who support them, even while the nations rage against their existence. Your long-term MONTHLY contribution brings such relief to SO MANY!

“I will bless those who bless you [Israel]…”—Genesis 12.3

 Recently several of our Covenant Partners joined us as we traveled to Israel. During that time we were invited to connect with several of the benefactors of your monthly pledge. Listen to this testimony from one of your own:

“It was such a pleasure to join the Holocaust Survivors for a Sabbath dinner in their retirement home. The atmosphere was alive with joy and celebration as they welcomed us with dancing and songs. The joy on their faces as they sat down to a beautiful Sabbath meal provided by the financing that Curt Landry Ministries Covenant Partners help to provide, brought me tremendous joy. I welcomed the hugs and handshakes as they generously shared their evening with us. To see a group of people who have experienced such heartache and pain, enjoying their evening, was extremely rewarding. Knowing that we provide quality improvements to their housing, support them in purchasing needed medical equipment, while also encouraging their moral through artistic expressions in music and art… is just so overwhelming. My small gift to improve their lives brings with it tremendous rewards to my own spirit. What a blessing! Thank you, Curt Landry Ministries, for continuing your work in the nation of Israel! Thank you for your commitment to being a voice for the hurting.


So, today we are saying, THANK YOU! Thank you for your unwavering support. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of SO MANY! You are such an encouragement to us as we continue to work towards bringing greater humanitarian aid to the nation we love and her people—Israel!

We would like to encourage you to share this post with friends who might also be interested in standing with Israel. While we are making tremendous strides toward bringing hope, there are still many more needs that need support.

If you would like to learn more about how you can donate MONTHLY, please join us at the Covenant Partner’s page [HERE].