Yearly Passover Gifts Delivered to City of Beit She’an, and Holocaust Survivors

 Recently Curt Landry Ministries had the opportunity to sponsor one of our very favorite annual projects. Each year we provide Passover meals to the town of Beit She’an, located on the North Eastern border of Israel. A large portion of this small community lives in poverty, and many families in the past have gone without the necessary groceries to prepare for this yearly traditional feast. Our hearts are moved with compassion as many have shared the disappointment they have felt when they could not celebrate this holiday properly with their families.

Now, because of generous gifts from our Covenant Partners, a Passover box has been provided to EVERY needy family living within the city limits. Last week we received this beautiful thank you note from Mayor Refael Ben Shitreet:

What an honor to be able to send our love and support to the nation of Israel in this very unique and special way!

Curt Landry Ministries also provides Passover meals to Holocaust Survivors living within the city of Jerusalem. Passover Deliveries

“After living through the Holocaust, many survivors living in Israel are being abandoned in their older years. Having survived the Holocaust, many aging Jews throughout Israel now live without even the most basic of modern necessities—clean hot and cold running water. They struggle to make it to doctor’s appointments, or even to the grocery store. Simple acts of self-care that we take for granted—haircuts, social nights, special food for religious feasts and warm winter blankets—are denied to them.” [i]  

Through generous gifts from our Covenant Partners we are able to provide yearly gifts and services to these incredible men and women. This year’s Pesach delivery was extremely special as children from the local school made the deliveries for us. They had each prepared a blessing, a drawing, or a song to be performed for the elderly. It was a wonderful and happy occasion. One adult participant shared…

“Today we gave out the Passover gifts, we distributed more than 200 packages of Matzahs and 200 premium Kiddush wine. The children from the local school helped me to deliver each of the boxes to the Holocaust Survivors. They also included a nice blessing with each box. Some drew a drawing and others sang a song for them. Honestly, even though I’ve done this in years past, it was exciting and emotional to see it again. Our friends from the Holocaust Survivor Center could not stop saying thank you… not only for the gifts, but also for not forgetting them. I think that the main thing indeed is not to forget. Please tell Curt and Christy how much I appreciate what you do here and how lucky I am to be part of it. I wish you a happy kosher Passover.”Holocaust Survivors

When you sow into Curt Landry Minitries your gift makes all the difference. It is through support from people like you that we are able to bring love and joy into the homes of many. We invite you to celebrate this Passover season by sowing a generous seed into the nation of Israel. During this Jubilee year of abundance we are celebrating the goodness of God, and as we plant seeds of hope into the hearts of many, we hope that you will join us!

Did you know that you can give securely via text message as well? Just text the word “SOW” to 51555 and sow a seed today! [i]