Why Would I Want You to Pray For Me?

2 Timothy 4

One of the greatest needs I have witnessed in the world is the need to be seen and heard. There is a need for someone to acknowledge our strengths and struggles.

This is a question I’ve heard quite a few times, and one that you might even be asking yourself as you browse my site, especially if you’ve come across the page entitled “Your Challenges Held In Prayer.” Through the portal on that page, you have the opportunity to open up a bit about the challenges you face in your life and ask for prayer.

But as I’ve heard people ask many times, “Why would I want you (or anyone else) to pray for me? Can’t I pray for myself?”

Of course you can; in fact, I highly encourage regular prayer as a way to commune with the Lord and still your heart and mind. Prayer is a discipline! However, there are a few unique aspects of having someone else pray for you that you may not have considered. 1) It is simply refreshing and reinvigorating to know that someone else is seeing and hearing your challenges and needs.  There are so many people in this world who just need someone to talk to, who need to be seen and heard. In a world filled with despair and struggles, it can be easy for us to think that no one else cares about our own small struggles, or even the small victories we achieve in our everyday lives. When you share these strengths and struggles with others and ask them to pray for you, it can be extremely therapeutic to know that someone else cares about you and is speaking to God on your behalf. And as the Word says in Deut 32:30: “one puts a thousand to flight” but “two puts ten thousand” to flight. Unity creates multiplication! 2) It can help you to learn something about yourself. Occasionally, the prayers of others and the way that others approach our struggles helps us to look at them in a new way. This can be a tremendous blessing to you, especially if you have been caught up with

Through Curt Landry Ministries we are now offering an effective, discreet, private, and convenient way for you to get support with the area of struggle.

After much time in prayer and preparation I have sought the Lord for a word when you are struggling with fear, anger, finances, health and/or other areas.

this struggle for quite some time. Together, we stand believing that every chain is broken in your life! 3) It can bring you closer to God. Knowing that others are praying for you can give you the strength you need to draw closer to the Lord yourself and move past the struggles in your life.

The prayer request portal on our website is completely private; your requests and your private video message I create will not be shared with anyone else.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please do not hesitate to contact me today.