When the Enemy Uses Politics in Spiritual Warfare

You’ve heard of spiritual warfare. But what happens when the enemy uses politics in spiritual warfare?

When there is a shift in the physical and political atmosphere, you can guarantee something is happening in the spiritual realm.

In this blog, we are going to look at how the enemy uses politics in spiritual warfare to…

  • Spread his deceitful and fraudulent agenda
  • Weave his way into our communities
  • Feed lies to an unprepared generation
  • Distract us from Kingdom work and God’s purpose for each of our lives

Before we start to uncover the counterfeits of the enemy, we must first discuss what has happened in recent news.

In Recent News | For the First Time in History, a Coup Is Attempted in Israel

For the first time in history, an attempted coup (as we would define it in the United States) took place in Israel on May 30, 2019.

A Brief Explanation…

To understand this ploy in the physical and political realm, let’s travel back to Israel’s beginnings as a new nation.

In the late 1940s, shortly after the Holocaust, the Orthodox Jewish population was in ruin. Very few Orthodox Jews were left alive. Those who wanted to return to their studies determined that if they were to join the military as required, the entire culture and practice of studying the Torah would cease to exist. 

This “ultra-Orthodox” Jewish (as they are often referred to) community is one that unites over their unwavering reverence for the Torah, both the Written and Oral Law.

To preserve their values and practices, they limit their contact with the outside world. And to return to their revered practices of studying the Torah, they made a request following Israel’s independence—to be exempt from military service.

Keep in mind that because of Israel’s history in the Middle East, two things have come to light.

  1. The Israeli people understand that they need to be self-sufficient in a world where their neighbors are pressing in on all sides, attempting to steal land.
  2. They acknowledge that they must join together as a nation to defend themselves.

As a result, young people in Israel are required to serve in the Israeli Defense Forces in some capacity.

However, the prime minister in 1948, David Ben-Gurion, decided that yeshiva students—young students who study the Torah and Talmud night and day—could be exempt from military service.

In recent decades, this law has become a political issue.

The Enemy Exploits Political Agendas to Cause Confusion

Have you ever felt attacked by a person when it seemed as if there was no real motive other than to cause chaos? Perhaps your character or motives were questioned, and this seemed to almost come out of nowhere.

Although we are discussing political exploitation, ultimately it comes back to spiritual warfare. We know the spiritual enemy is behind the political chaos and confusion in Israel. He is simply trying another tactic to distract from God’s plan to prosper Israel.

In the News | Avigdor Lieberman…  

As many of you know, the leader of the Yisrael Beiteinu party demanded a change in the law—that all religious males be subject to the military draft. Unfortunately, the prime minister was unable to form a governing coalition of 61, as he only had 60.

This comes at a time when Israel needs to be defending itself and growing the economy, not spending millions of dollars on a new election.

How Does Politics in Spiritual Warfare Impact You?

The enemy uses the same tactics as he did in the garden. He tempts us to question God’s goodness and instruction. He waves greed and envy in front of us, lying to us that these things will “make us happy.” Yet, all of it ends in our destruction.

1. The Enemy Uses Politics in Spiritual Warfare to Spread His Deceitful and Fraudulent Agenda.

When events such as this occur in God’s Promised Land, we must take it seriously and understand that our own nation, when standing with Israel, will mirror this. This is happening today with President Trump and the false accusation of Russian collusion.

Why does Satan do this? Because he is always against what God is for. This is why God tells us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem (see Psalm 122:6)—because the Lord treasures His city and people, and He knows the enemy wants to steal it. 

2. The Enemy Uses Politics in Spiritual Warfare to Weave His Way into Our Communities.

If we are unaware of how Satan affects other cultures and national laws, we will not see how he does so in our own communities. We can be distracted quite easily by what seems to be “right” as promised by a politician or party rather than returning to the Bible and comparing our culture and beliefs with biblical principles.

Why does Satan do this? Because he wants to block us from living out our faith, ultimately keeping us from our inheritance. If we can stay “compartmentalized,” not fully surrendering to the Holy Spirit and asking Him to be activated in our lives, then we will not be using the power and authority he knows we have. Then he can go on presenting counterfeit truth to the culture.

3. The Enemy Uses Politics in Spiritual Warfare to Feed Lies to an Unprepared Generation.

Similar to the point above, if we become disconnected to our heritage, then we become “tossed back and forth by the waves” (see Ephesians 4:14). That is why we must pray to remain humble.

“do not boast against the branches (which are Israel). But if you do boast, remember that you do not support the root, but the root supports you.”—Romans 11:18 (parenthesis added)

Why does Satan do this? If we become disconnected, we pass on half-truths to the next generation. It is like a wolf who tries to separate a single sheep from the flock. We become defenseless and easy to devour.   

4. The Enemy Uses Politics in Spiritual Warfare to Distract Us from Kingdom Work and God’s Purpose for Our Lives.

When we become distracted with what we think is right and wrong, rather than listening to God’s voice, we miss our purpose. This happened with the first sin of man. Adam and Eve decided they knew better than God. They literally took matters into their own hands when they plucked the fruit from the tree, rather than seeking God’s wisdom. As a result, they missed out on the blessings of constant communion with God, and they were left with a broken purpose.

Why does Satan do this? Similar to the points above, if we do not align our political beliefs with biblical principles, we will not step into God’s divine plan for our lives. It becomes impossible to understand what the Lord has called us to do. He wants us to come to Him, so He can anoint us with our own unique and Kingdom purpose assignment.

Fight the Spiritual Political Battle with Prayer

To activate the power God has given us, we must pray according to His will and word.

“Father God, we pray for the softening of hearts and that you place the right people and party to form a coalition for Prime Minister Netanyahu. We pray for all distractions and confusion to be cleared out for the peace of Jerusalem according to Psalm 122:6. We pray that the peace we desire for Jerusalem will be sown into our own lives according to your word. We decree and declare this in Yeshua’s name. Amen.”

In summary…

The enemy uses politics in spiritual warfare. When we do not align our political beliefs to biblical principles, we can unknowingly block blessings and walk out of our purpose for God’s Kingdom.