Blessing Israel | What is Missing in Ministry…

Pastor Eddie Reed

I Was Told, “Bless Israel,” but Didn’t Know Why…

As a boy, my granny who raised me often said to “Bless Israel” (Genesis 12:3; Numbers 24:9). I never quite understood why she would say that, but my granny was the godliest person in my life ever, so I would never forget these words!

I Started Putting the Pieces Together…

After becoming a Pastor, it was years later while attending a conference in Chattanooga, TN where Rabbi Curt Landry was a guest speaker, where those words would be heard once again in my spirit.

It was the midst of Rabbi Landry’s revelatory word when I heard my granny’s words… “Bless Israel!”

I Had a Decision to Make…

Following the message, the altar was full. I stood, very thoughtful and prayerful as to what I would do and how I would proceed with this new revelation.

I knew that something needed to change, not only in my own personal life, but also in my ministry within the church—my preaching and my teaching.

I Asked a Life-Changing Question…

Looking up, I noticed no one was around Rabbi, so I approached him. I simply walked up, stood beside him and said, “My granny always told me to ‘Bless Israel,’ but I never understood. What can I do?” 

With those few words, the ministry God has placed on my life would be changed forever! Of course, so much more for the better, but not without some of the most difficult choices and challenges as well.

Change Began to Take Root…

It was soon after when Rabbi Landry came to our church to minister. And then a short time later, one of our elders and I visited House of David

What an awesome feeling when we arrived! I remember it felt like I was coming home—meeting family that I never knew existed. I was then immersed in the pool that same weekend, and my life has never been the same since!

prayer request

What God Revealed…

God has revealed to me, and through me, that the One New Man message is necessary and relevant for our Christian walk—most especially NOW!!

Sharing this message of restoration and the One New Man with family, those in our church, and the community has been a wonderful experience. In fact, some members even caught the message financially, providing for an immersion pool at our church. What a blessing!

Where We Are Now…

Living Stones Community Church is in!  We have jumped in all the way and have no intention of getting out. God has led us to Rabbi Landry, Curt Landry Ministries, and the One New Man message, and we are here to stay! 

It is a trustworthy ministry, tried and proven by God, shown to us through His Word (Ephesians 2:15).

There is so much more to learn, teach, and preach—more than could have been taught in my granny’s lifetime, in my lifetime, or in my children’s lifetime. 

Now, I want and need to preach this to my children and my grandchildren. It is necessary for them to understand and see all that God has for them through His Word and the three-stranded cord. 

They need to know about their Jewish roots and the Jewish roots of their faith that had been taken out of Christianity and the Christian message. You need to know too!

My prayer, as you journey with us, is that you will trust and know:

  • How Wonderful God is
  • How much He Loves You
  • How you can and will Bless Him
  • How Awesome His Blessings are
  • That you can Trust Him

Welcome home to the trusting arms of His love and joy where the One New Man abides!

Do you want to know more about the One New Man?  

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Brother Eddie received his salvation by the fervent prayers of his grandmother. He was raised in the Church of God of Prophecy, where he later served as an Associate Pastor. He now serves as Senior Pastor at Living Stones Community Church, preaching Sunday mornings as well as leading a Bible study on Sunday evenings. Brother Eddie’s desire is for people to know that Living Stones Community Church is truly a place of hope, where people can come during life’s struggles.