United States Abstention is a Vote for Israel’s Enemies

In a not so surprising move, the Obama administration chose to abstain from a recent UN vote concerning Israel. Out of 15 voting members, 14 voted in favor of condemning Israeli settlement activity, labeling it illegal—with the US abstaining from casting the 15th vote. By refusing to use its veto power, the United States thumbed its nose at Israel, its long held and only true ally in the Middle East.

This bold move by the Obama administration months before the end of its final term, appears to be a blatant tactic to tie the hands of future pro-Israel President-elect Donald Trump.

Although these actions were shocking to many living within the the four walls of the Western world, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had previously warned his cabinet to brace themselves—this decision further widens the breech between Israeli and American relations.

While the vote cannot be revoked once the Trump administration is firmly set in office, the president-elect has boldly chosen to remain standing with Israel.

After failed attempts by both Netanyahu and Trump to convince the Obama administration to veto the resolution, the president elect released the statement, “as the United States has long maintained, peace between the Israelis and Palestinians will only come through direct negotiations between the parties, and not through the imposition of terms by the United Nations”.

Prime Minster of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu chose a not so diplomatic approach, and the Jerusalem Post reported that “Netanyahu’s response to the resolution included recalling Israel’s ambassadors to Senegal and New Zealand, summoning in for protests the ambassadors and representatives of all the UN Security Council states, canceling the scheduled visit this week of the Ukrainian prime minister and calling on his ministers to curtail visits to the 14 Security Council states that voted for the measure.”

Israeli politicians have mixed opinions on this move, and some fear the decision will only isolate Israel from the international community on an even greater level. The debate for Jewish settlements within the West Bank and beyond continue to be an issue of great controversy.

Famed author, Harvard professor, and long-time Israel supporter Alan M. Dershowitz’s book, The Case for Israel, has several on-point statements regarding the settlement issue which include:

“Those primarily responsible for the current desperate situation of the Palestinian people have been their own leaders, from Haj Hussaini (the late Grand Mufti of Jerusalem) to Yassir Arafat, to the leaders of Hamas and the other terrorist groups. These leaders have placed a higher priority on the destruction of Israel than on the construction of Palestine.” 

“It is fair to say that although Israeli actions in combating terrorism have been far from perfect, Israel has been in greater compliance with the rule of law than any other country facing comparable dangers.” 

Dershowitz strongly criticizes moves that reward Palestinian terrorism with statehood. While he does not negate the need for a solution, he refuses to support the constant barrage of attacks on the nation of Israel for its determination to protect itself. Many across the globe continue to turn a blind eye toward anti-Semitism and the violence that typically follows in its wake.

Support Israel

At Curt Landry Ministries we are proud to support the nation of Israel. It is with deep sorrow that we share this article with you. It is our greatest hope that Americans across the country will begin to wake up to the importance of supporting the Jewish state.

During this time of upheaval, we pray that you will stand watch with us as we pray for the nation of Israel, and the many people groups living within her borders.

Pray that the Body of Christ will begin to see the significance of God’s chosen people, not only in the political scene, but within the the Church, as well.

Pray for protection and grace for the American people as we continue to progress forward in to this new political season.

Most importantly, pray for those in leadership over us, asking that God softens the stony hearts, and bring Godly wisdom where it has been lacking.

Thank you for your commitment to the nation of Israel. Our ministry will continue to stand with her through our various humanitarian aid projects. Won’t you join us?