Understand the Gift of Prophecy

What is the gift of prophecy? It is a gift of the Holy Spirit that enables a Believer to supernaturally discern, reveal, and proclaim the truth in God’s Word. The gift of prophecy is not about speaking the desires of the flesh but rather speaking the desires of God’s heart. 

When you hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and speak it out, it will not return void.

Join Rabbi Curt Landry as he answers some of your common questions about the gift of prophecy…

·         How is operating in the office of a prophetic different from prophesying over an individual?

·         How should you practice growing in the gift of prophecy?

·         How do we test a personal word of prophecy that we’ve been given?

·         Do we receive every word spoken over us?

·         How do we know we’re hearing from God?

Don’t miss this powerful message. It will help you greatly understand and operate in the gift of prophecy. Since so many voices are competing for your attention in today’s culture, it is critical to discern and speak only the words God has for today.