Threats to Security Remain Present in Israel


sponsora-childFor the most part, things have been relatively quiet in Israel recently from a security standpoint. There has not been an uptick violence like we saw in the conflicts of a couple years ago with Gaza. While there is, of course, still constant vigilance, the average person seems to feel relatively secure.

Still, there remain constant reminders that Israel is at the center of an unstable region, and that our prayers are needed for the people who live there.

In one recent incident, Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system shot down two stray “projectiles” that were fired during fighting in the Syrian civil war. This isn’t the first time the Syrian civil war has spilled over into Israeli territory, as Golan Heights has seen this happen quite a few times. However, this was the first time the Iron Dome had to be activated to intercept errant fire.

Fortunately, no one was injured during the activation. Typically in these types of situations, Israel responds with air strikes
against Syrian battle stations. The Iron Dome system usually only fires an interceptor if an incoming rocket has been calculated specifically to strike close to a populated area. Israel has tried to stay out of the Syrian civil war as much as possible, maintaining vigilance along the Golan frontier and firing off air strikes every now and then. However, the nation has been hesitant to play a larger role in the conflict so far.

Such incidents are sobering reminders of the types of violence and horror that has become a mainstay in the Middle East. Syria has been torn apart by war and strife, and the refugee crisis that has resulted from the conflict has become a worldwide issue, with many countries struggling with the decision of how to handle refugees wishing to immigrate.

As you pray for the Holy Land, please continue to pray for the region’s safety. Even in times where the nation is not at war, it is still surrounded by war-torn nations, which adds an element of unpredictability. We pray for the safety of those in Israel, as well as the safety of all the innocents throughout the Middle East.