Thoughts on the Idea of “Abundance”

Abundance As you know, we are currently celebrating Jubilee year 5776, which is being referred to as the Jubilee of Abundance. But what exactly is abundance, and why is it so worthy of celebration in this year?

Very simply, the dictionary definition of “abundance” is “a very large quantity of something.” In a religious perspective, it is usually used to describe the vast wealth of gifts we have been given by God.

One of the most prominent bible verses comes from John 10:10, which reads “I have come that they might have life, that they might have it more abundantly.” An abundance of life—that is really what we are talking about when we refer to abundance in the religious sense.

Consider this—Jesus says He has come down to earth so that we might have life abundantly. We know the purpose of Jesus’s coming. He died for our sins, so that we would have eternal life, this of course being life in Heaven. What could possibly be more abundant than eternal life in Heaven?

Along with the prospect of eternal, abundant life in Heaven is the idea of abundance on earth. There are many who are constantly in search of the meaning of life, who feel an emptiness or dissatisfaction. A person who embraces the abundance of eternal life through God is significantly less likely to have those feelings while on earth. Jubilee

Our faith allows us to more deeply enjoy the abundance that surrounds us here. All of the incredible creations God has made that we see and enjoy every day become even more meaningful when embracing the abundance of our spiritual lives. We more clearly see our place among them.

Throughout this Jubilee year, take the time to consider what you are thankful for out of God’s abundant creation, and how you are preparing for eternal life in His company. Feel free to contact me with any prayer requests you have, or questions about the Jubilee.