The Lord Is Calling Us Up the Road to Jerusalem

The Lord Is Calling Us Up the Road to JerusalemThe Lord has both practical and applicable plans for calling the Church up the road to Jerusalem. The road will be extremely pressured and difficult, and will be the road least traveled; but as that road perfected the prophets of old, so it will also perfect the Church in preparation for the wedding feast in Jerusalem. The Lord is pulling the hearts of all movements back to Zion, granting her favor. Focusing on Jerusalem brings a balancing factor and stability into doctrines and theologies: a divine plumb line, which acts as something that keeps balance between the heavenly vision and the earthly manifestation. The revivals and movements of past reformations were not presented with the unique opportunity to partner with God for the physical and spiritual covenant restoration of the land of Israel and the Jewish people. That is unique to this generation. Like Esther, the Church has been called for such a time as this. And while the Church has an understanding of the Roman road, it does not have a clear understanding of the road to Jerusalem.