The Church, Millennials, Christianity and Israel

we stand with israel

Curt Landry Ministries believes that we are called to be a bridge and a voice!

The mission of Curt Landry Ministries is to be a bridge of unity and restoration between Israel and the Church, releasing God’s fullness throughout the earth.

The Vision of Curt Landry Ministries is to bring revival to Israel, the Church, and the nations through a deeper understanding and revelation of the power of covenant. hands-clasp

The Purpose of Curt Landry Ministries is to facilitate covenant restoration through the reconciliation of Jews and Gentiles coming together as the One New Man.

It is because of this that an article released earlier this year spoke so deeply to my heart months ago and again when I reread this post a few weeks ago.

I want to cry out: WAKE UP! WAKE UP!

Things are changing. People are changing. The enemy is changing. But the battle is the same.

“The End of Evangelical Support for Israel?” written by David Brog, is timely, direct, factual, and needs to be heard.

“A mere decade ago, Christian Zionism was seen as an emerging force in American politics. As if out of nowhere, a block of fifty to one hundred million friends of Israel were poised to enter the national debate and safeguard the U.S.-Israel relationship for generations to come. Evangelical love for Israel appeared so solid that the only debate within the Jewish community was whether or not to “accept” it.

israel-flag-facial-paintingBut now, questioning Christian support for the Jewish state is fast becoming a key way for millennials to demonstrate Christian compassion and bona fides.

How quickly things change. The days of taking evangelical support for Israel for granted are over. As they are increasingly confronted with an evangelical-friendly, anti-Israel narrative, more and more of these Christians are turning against the Jewish state.[1]….”

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