Supporting the IDF Releases Hope, Endurance, and Strength in Israel

In recent months, Curt Landry Ministries’ partners and supporters have stepped up, supporting the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in a number of ways, from providing food, batteries, and personal care items to adopting an entire IDF battalion. 

Supporting the IDF is close to the hearts of those who love and stand with Israel. It is a way to activate their prayers of peace and prosperity for Israel. 

Supporting the IDF Does This…

Supporting the IDF releases hope, endurance, and strength. Here’s what the soldiers of the Eitam Battalion 611 said… 

  • “It is an honor to serve in the IDF, especially under Battalion 611. But it is an even bigger honor knowing that when we dedicate our hard work, time, and sleepless nights to protecting Israel, we have greater support behind us. That is one more reason for the drive and motivation I have to be the best soldier and commander I can be for this battalion, army, and nation… Toda Raba.”—Yonatan, Commander of Eitam Battalion 611

In May 2021, Curt Landry Ministries added another program to support the IDF because of the generosity of their partners and supporters. 

Curt Landry Ministries’ Covenant Partners and supporters are connecting with Israel through the Adopt an IDF Battalion program. Soldiers in the Eitam Battalion 611 feel the support of the partners and supporters, and it truly does make a difference in their lives. The financial, emotional, and spiritual support all help the IDF soldiers in the Eitam Battalion 611 endure and fight for the Promised Land in a way that releases hope, endurance, and strength. 

  • “As a country surrounded by enemies, it can be a challenge to continue fighting. Much of what we hear is ignorance and criticism. Having the support of Curt Landry Ministries’ partners serves as a reminder that it’s not all negative. That there are people who believe in us and appreciate and understand our fight and love for this country…”—Yonatan, Commander of Eitam Battalion 611 
Click here to become a covenant partner and start supporting the IDF.

When the soldiers were asked what it means to them that people around the world are supporting the IDF, this soldier replied…

  • International support is one of the greatest gifts Israel and the IDF could receive. As arguably one of the most misunderstood conflicts, Israel is often misrepresented and misconstrued as the enemy of the Middle East. As the supporters and I know, that makes little sense considering the fact that we’re the only democracy in the Middle East. International voices applauding Israel are stronger than anything said within the borders.

“I would love for the supporters to know that their support does not go unrecognized. They give us a reason to be the best we can be. I would also emphasize the importance of continuing to be the voice Israel and the IDF need in the international community. It’s heartwarming feeling all the love from the supporters.”

Do you love Israel? Do you want to see the Promised Land protected and God’s Word come to pass? 

Consider supporting the IDF today. 

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