Supporting Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem

Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem

Curt Landry Ministries engages in a number of humanitarian aid projects throughout the nation of Israel, helping to support those who do not have access to some of their most basic needs. One of these projects we worked with was supporting Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem.

Herzog Hospital specializes in geriatric care, caring for victims of terror and aiding children who are in a vegetative state. House of David was able to provide a large number of diapers for the hospital. The hospital has a very limited budget, and without support from outside sources it would not be able to provide its patients with the supplies needed for a comfortable stay.

The representatives from the hospital were extremely enthusiastic and thankful for the shipment of diapers that came in. Our team had asked the hospital what supplies it needed the most, and diapers were right at the top of the list.

Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem

In 2004, Herzog Hospital undertook to establish a Children’s Chronic Respiratory Care Unit. This was based on our experience and success in treating older patients with chronic respiratory problems, including supporting them for extended periods of time on respirators and weaning them from breathing support. Children represent a unique challenge in this very specialized field.

Supplying the hospital with diapers was about more than filling a need—it was about providing patients with dignity. The Torah teaches us to honor our mother and father, and from that we can also take it to mean we need to honor our elders. Many of the elderly men and women forced to stay in these hospitals often feel as though they have been stripped of their dignity, especially when they do not have access to proper equipment and sanitation. This work was a way to honor these elders and restore their dignity, giving them the ability to start going back out into public.

With your support, we will be able to continue working with similar hospitals long into the future. The gifts we made to the hospital were made possible by your donations. Please help us to continue to be a blessing to the people of Israel who are in dire need of our support. Any contributions you can make are sincerely appreciated.

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