Is Support of the BDS Movement Biblical? 

Throughout recent years the relationship with Israel and the United States has been strained at best. What we fail to forget, as a nation, is that much of the financial support for the founding of the Jewish nation was raised in America by Jewish-American, Golda Meir. Long before she became Prime Minister of Israel she was at work in the trenches fundraising—with America as one of the leading, if not THE leading contributors to the birth of Israel in 1948.

Since that time, the United States has long hailed itself an ally of the tiny nation who sits surrounded on three sides by malicious enemies, with their only escape being the Mediterranean Sea. How is it then, that over the years our profound support for a nation very few believed would prosper, has dwindled so drastically?

While the Evangelical community was once a serious voice of support for Israel, most recently churches have become more and more indoctrinated by ideas that vote in favor of boycotting products made in Israel—with the intention of breaking down their economy. The BDS Movement (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) has infiltrated churches with false information claiming that Israel has treated their Palestinian neighbors with great prejudice. The BDS website states:

“Israel was formed in 1948 through the brutal displacement of nearly 800,000 Palestinians and the destruction of more than 530 towns and villages. This pre-meditated ethnic cleansing is known as 
al-Nakba, the catastrophe. Since then, Israel has implemented a regime of settler colonialismapartheid and occupation. over the Palestinian people. 

During and since its foundation in 1948, Israel has set out to control as much of the land of historic Palestine as possible and drive as many of the indigenous Palestinian population from the land as it can. Israel’s oppression of Palestinians involves settler colonialism: Zionism seeks to establish a distinct new society, take over control of land and resources and forcibly remove Palestinians.”

While none could argue that tension continues to remain high between Israeli-Palestinian relations, the facts remain that there is an ongoing effort from the Israelis to maintain peace, despite the onslaught of terrorist activity. Palestinian children who have been trained in their schools to hate the Jewish people—training that promotes violence over peace, and instruction that celebrates the death of one’s own child in exchange for the removal of the Jews. Sadly, much of the world at large overlooks these harsh realities, refusing to believe that fault could be found with anyone other than the Jewish people themselves. While this is chilling to consider, and what drives that stake deeper still is that the Church, to a startling degree, has become supporters of movements like BDS.

While many doctrines of the Christian faith have developed ideas that the Church replaces Israel, we at Curt Landry Ministries must disagree. While the Jewish people have historically broken covenant with their God, they serve a God who cannot break His promises. When He cut a covenant with Abraham (the founding father of the Jewish people), God not only took responsibility for His side of the agreement, but He chose to also be responsible for Abraham’s side, as well. Why? God knew the frailty of the human race. He knew that they would break their word with Him. He knew that if He held men and women accountable for their side of the covenant agreement that they would have to die when they failed to complete it.

This is why God would later send a spotless Lamb, Yeshua (Jesus), to stand in the place of the broken covenants (sin) committed by Abraham and his descendants. However, God decided to not only to bring salvation to the Jews, but to also include the Gentile population in this salvation promise as well—every single person has the opportunity, through Yeshua/Jesus to be saved, and to enjoy the inheritance as a son and daughter of the Most High God.

However, a major portion of the Church has taken the rejection of Jesus by the Jews, as a rite of passage to insight anti-Semitic hatred. But that would only imply that the God of the Jews is unfaithful to keep His side of His promises due to man’s lack of ability to keep theirs. If God would turn His back on His “chosen people,” why then would He not see the flaws of the Christian Church, and do the same? Are we not often blinded by soulful desires? Do we not also ignore the instruction of the Word of God in favor of our own personal ambitions, our own version of righteousness? No friends…  I’m sorry to say, God does not give up on us… it is the other way around.

It is deeply alarming that these beliefs, long held by the Church, have historically led to the support of the pogroms of Russia, and sadly supported the Holocaust, as well—where over 6 million Jews were murdered.

Yet, the truth remains that God made a promise to Abraham that the land of Israel would belong to His people. And as a Believer in Yeshua, if you are in agreement with the Word of God, it makes it difficult to “Boycott, Divest, and Sanction” the very people who God states will inherit this land. Do we support injustice toward Palestinians? Absolutely not. We truly desire good things for them. Still, we cannot support lies that say Israel is creating an apartheid. Is Israel perfect? No. Have they made mistakes? Yes. Are they in support of mass genocide? Far from it. In fact, in the Torah the Jewish people are commanded to bless their enemies.

That said, as President-elect Donald Trump prepares to take office, a small glimmer of hope has begun to surface. Campaigning on a hugely conservative ticket, Donald J. Trump promised to rebuild the bridge of friendship between the nation of Israel and the American people. The Jewish Post shared this exchange between the US President-elect and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:

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“‘I look forward to working with him to advance security, stability and peace in our region,’ Netanyahu said.

President-elect Donald Trump invited Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to meet with him in the United States at the earliest opportunity.

Netanyahu had called Trump to congratulate him on his electoral victory earlier in the day. According to the Prime Minister’s Office, the invitation came during that phone call.

Netanyahu assured Trump that the United States has no better ally than Israel as they discussed regional issues. The conversation between them was heartfelt and warm. 

Both men have known each other for many years, the PMO’s office said.

In addition, Trump’s inner circle is very close to the Netanyahu and to Israel.

Netanyahu told Trump that he and his wife Sara looked forward to meeting him and his wife Melania.

Earlier in the day, Netanyahu had issued a statement in which he said that Trump is a “true friend” of the State of Israel.

‘I look forward to working with him to advance security, stability and peace in our region,’ Netanyahu said.

‘The ironclad bond between the United States and Israel is rooted in shared values, buttressed by shared interests and driven by a shared destiny.’

‘I am confident that President-elect Trump and I will continue to strengthen the unique alliance between our two countries and bring it to ever greater heights,’ Netanyahu said.”

It is our hearts desire to see the nation of Israel prosper. We pray for their peace daily. And while we understand how complicated, how complex the situation is in Israel, we also understand that God is able to do great things amidst very tense circumstances.

At Curt Landry Ministries we are committed to the nation of Israel and to her people. Through the support of our olive tree groves, we are able to provide large sums of humanitarian aid to Israeli citizens, who include: children in foster homes, aging Holocaust Survivors, and food for needy soldier’s families.

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