Sponsor a Tree to Support Our Mission Work

Sponsor a Tree to Support Our Mission Work As you may know, Curt Landry Ministries is affiliated with My Olive Tree, an organization dedicated to reclaiming the desert of Israel by planting olive trees. In a region that has seen so much war and desolation, adding this new, fruit-bearing life is not only incredibly symbolic, but it is also a way to help give people in the region a boost to their economy. For a one-time investment of just $200, you can sponsor an olive tree in your name or that of a friend, family member or loved one. This investment will cover the expense of planting the tree and maintaining it for its first seven years of life. The tree will then be given everything it needs to grow and yield a full, healthy harvest by the time it reaches three years old, with the first fruits coming sometime between ages two and three. These harvests create many opportunities for employment for Israeli immigrants. After the olives have been harvested, they are then processed into extremely high-quality olive oil and other

Image of a little young olive tree plant

Your single gift will cover the expense of the seven year treatment necessary to reach this point. You are not only planting a tree, you are reaping a harvest. We are not just tending groves; we are preparing them to yield extraordinary harvests that will positively impact the nation of Israel for generations, harvest after harvest.

olive-based products. Additionally, proceeds from the sales of these products go right back into our mission work in Israel, including projects that help to feed and protect some of the nation’s underprivileged children. This means your generous donation has a direct impact on many lives. It is a tremendous gift. There are many reasons people choose to sponsor a tree. Perhaps you wish to make a more tangible contribution to humanitarian aid projects in Israel. Perhaps you wish to grow closer to the Holy Land by having a tree rooted there in your name. Maybe you wish to honor a fallen soldier, commemorate the birth of a grandchild or celebrate a graduation. Regardless of your reason, you have the power to make a difference! For your generosity, we will send you a special thank-you package, which includes a bottle of the King’s Oil anointing oil, a beautiful tallit that has been prayed over by Curt Landry, and a certificate of authenticity recognizing the tree you planted. Contact us today for more information about how you can sponsor a tree and leave a legacy!