Shmita | Miracles of Alignment

When we align ourselves to God and His calendar, walk by faith, and give with a generous heart… miracles happen!

As of Rosh Hashanah—the head of 5782—we are in what is known as a Shmita year. A time that God set forth in His Word…

Join us as we explore the importance of the Shmita year, God’s calendar, and aligning ourselves through faith and obedience, and how these can lead to amazing miracles!

What is a Shmita Year?

Before we explore the importance of Shmita and the miracles surrounding it, it is necessary for us to have some understanding of what the Shmita year is and why God put it in His Word.

There are many layers to Shmita:

  • Generosity
  • Faith
  • Obedience
  • Rest
  • And much more

Yet, the most prominent—which relates to the land—typically includes all of these… because Shmita is a time that God set aside to rest the land once every seven years. Specifically, to not work the land, so that the soil and the people might be renewed. 

Like Shabbat, Shmita echoes the very cycle of creation that God used when He made everything over the course of six days… resting on the seventh (see Genesis 1-2). It brings the Lord’s calendar into the lives of His children in unique ways.

It forces those who are obedient to it to put their faith in God and not in the provision that they typically know.

Remember, a farmer and all people rely on crops. They rely not only on the produce to eat during a season of time, but also on the seed that the crop will produce so that the next season of crops can be sown. When Shmita is observed, there is a trust in God that cannot be understated—because observing Shmita means that it is not just one year that God has to provide for, but really, because of the seed and the need to eat in the year before Shmita, the Lord has to provide for three!

“And if you say, ‘What shall we eat in the seventh year, since we shall not sow nor gather in our produce?’ Then I will command My blessing on you in the sixth year, and it will bring forth produce enough for three years.”

—Leviticus 25:20-21

Obviously, most of us are not planting crops—and even fewer of us are planting in Israel, where many rabbis believe the land observance is restricted to. However, this does not mean that we are not meant to observe Shmita; it is just that we are to observe it in the way God leads us. 

We can learn and walk in the lessons of rest and generosity God teaches us. We can step out in faith and trust… knowing the Lord will provide!

Still, what of the miracles of Shmita?

Shmita comes with a biblical blessing or cursing, depending on if it is followed. When the children of Israel chose to be obedient and follow God’s calendar, they were blessed with provision and protection. But when they disobeyed… they did not experience these blessings.

We have a choice. We can choose to follow God’s calendar or not. 

Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection removed the curse of the Law… yet there are still many wonderful blessings that come with obedience to God; aligning with Him! 

There are miracles!

Shmita Miracles

When we walk in faith and the timing of God, miracles happen…

This is true in the big things, and in the little ones. In being open to the direction of God’s Spirit within us and to the Word of God!

So while there are many examples we could explore—many miracles and signs of God’s goodness and faithfulness—we will be looking at three supernatural miracles surrounding the observance of Shmita!

  1. A group of Orthodox Jews created a small farming community, Komemiyut, in Southern Israel, in the midst of surrounding, successful farming communities.

New to the area and without the resources of other communities, they decided to observe the Shmita year of 1951/1952, Hebraic year 5712. 

Now, during the Shmita year, while they could not grow crops, God’s Word regarding the Shmita does not disallow building. Which, as they knew they would need buildings and barns, they used the time to build… expectant. Ready for God’s provision!

Yet, there was one thing they still needed. Seed, for the first planting season after Shmita was over. This sounds easy, but to fully observe the Shmita, they COULD NOT use any seed that came from a Shmita year. They needed seed that was older… and generally, that seed was already used up.

Seemingly, every farmer in the area had no old seed. But at last they found one community that had a dark, dank outbuilding, with old seed forgotten in a corner. The only problem was… the seed was in bad shape. It was infested with worms, it was moldy, and to those who had the seed, they saw no value in it.

So when they were offered money for the purchase of that nasty seed, they laughed and told them to take all they wanted…

These people who had the seed may not have seen the value in it, but the Shmita observing community knew God could do anything! They brought the seed back and began to plant it… though, due to keeping Shmita, they were a full two months later than the neighboring farmers…

Here is where the miracle begins to manifest… 

No rain had come in September or October—the final portion of the Shmita year—and with no real water source nearby at that time, the crops of those who had already planted were not doing well. But the day after the Shmita observing community planted, the rains came! 

And while their neighbors had only small, weak wheat, they were blessed with unusually large and perfectly healthy crops!

Man holding and pouring wheat from hand to hand in a wheat field.

God took what appeared to be rotting seed planted much too late and He turned it into a miracle! One that drew people to it and reminded them that they may not be able to trust in themselves, but that by putting trust in God, everything is made new! Everything is made perfect…

  1. In Shmita year 2007/2008, biblical year 5768, another miracle would be seen…

Potato farmers in the Negev desert, like other farmers, had to make a choice. To observe Shmita as God says, or to go their own way… and both choices would have consequences.

For those potato farmers who chose to walk in obedience with God, planting their potatoes early instead of during Shmita, they soon would see a miracle…

A sharp drop in temperature not long after non-Shmita observing farmers planted their potatoes caused many tons of crops to be destroyed—as much as 20% of the total crop. Meanwhile, those who observed the Shmita—planting early—miraculously had the frost pass over their land, sparing their crops!

This miracle was observed by many who saw the hand of God sparing those who obeyed His Word and trusted in Him. And it demonstrated how God’s calendar and ways matter; it demonstrated that God is in control…

  1. While the other examples focused on provision, this one demonstrates God’s promise of protection to those who obey His Word…

Just prior to the Shmita of 2014/2015, biblical year 5775, a group of Orthodox Jews were in search of a wheat field they could harvest early—before the Shmita year would begin. Their search led them to Kibbutz Sufa near the Gaza border, and quickly they began to bring in the harvest…

Interestingly, and unknowingly to them or anyone else at the time, that field was the exit for a terrorist tunnel coming out of Gaza. The terrorists expected to enter Israel well-hidden in a lush field of wheat, but what they found—exiting their tunnel a mere two days after it had been harvested—was a wide-open, highly exposed field…

Thirteen terrorists exited the tunnel, but because of the obedience of the group of Orthodox Jews and of those in Kibbutz Sufa, the IDF quickly spotted and neutralized the threat… protecting those who lived on the Kibbutz AND likely many, many more people throughout Israel.

While not as noted in the news as it deserved, it served and continues to serve as… a beautiful miracle from God. A sign that He is in control and that, through our loving obedience, we are provided for, we are protected, and we are blessed!

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Each of these Shmita miracles remind us that God is in control. That, even when we do not see the whole picture, or think that we are lacking, He knows the truth. He sees the big picture!

Obedience is important… doing things in God’s way, His timing… these bring miracles. Miracles of alignment! 

Are YOU ready to trust God this Shmita year?

Are YOU ready to walk in alignment with Him?

Are YOU ready to sow seed, even when there appears to be no reason to?

Are YOU ready to enter His rest?

Are YOU ready to walk in His timing?

It is time. God is ready. He will not disappoint.