Full Release of Provision and Authority

You need provision and authority to answer the call that God has given you. How do you receive it?  

  • You inquire of the Lord. 
  • You ask Him for what you need.  
  • You move forward with a thankful heart. 

Moving into Alignment with Provision and Authority 

As the country begins to reopen, the people of God need provision and authority to answer this call in the new season. We must move into covenant alignment.  

When we do, we are positioned to accomplish His Kingdom will, which is written in Heaven, and make it manifested on earth.  

The problem is, there is always a force that stands in our way. But God has given us provision and authority to move past it.  

You’ve got questions about this difficult season. Let’s inquire of the Lord and have a teachable and thankful heart to receive His Word…  

Question 1: God, Why Did This Happen to Me?  

  • Firstdon’t be afraid to ask God!  
  • Second, God is breaking up the fallow ground in your heart to set you free from soul-ties and familiar spirits. You have been in a season when bad habits, patterns, circumstances, and people have influenced you.  
  • Third, it is time to redeem your provision and authority.   

Question 2: God, What Do You Want Me to Do? 

  • First, trust Him. When you are weak, ask for and trust in His strength and courage.  
  • Second, let go of what is familiar. This is necessary to embrace the call you will be given at Shavuot.  
  • Third, decide and declare that you will be responsible with your new assignment and finish well. “Father God, I will be responsible with the provision and authority you have given me. I will finish well, in Jesus’ name!” 

Understanding Provision and Authority 

Provision and authority are like new wine. What does this mean? 

Recorded in Matthew 9:15, 17… 

  • “And Jesus said to them ‘Nor do they put new wine into old wineskins, or else the wineskins break, the wine is spilled, and the wineskins are ruined. But they put new wine into new wineskins, and both are preserved.’” 

Jesus, speaking in a parable, is saying you cannot put new wine into an old wineskin because the old has lost its ability to expand and grow. 

The new wine is sweet with the Father’s love. It has not had time to age. It causes you to relax and rest. If you aren’t restful, you cannot receive your new assignment with joy and thanksgiving.  

When you relax, expand, and grow, the new wine can be poured into you without resistance. There is no war between your soul and spirit-man.  

Your new assignment—new wine—is released at Shavuot.  

Releasing Provision and Authority 

You need to move from the wilderness to the desert.  

The Lord wants to take you to the Promised Land. Many of you are in the wilderness, but the desert is what takes you to the Promised Land.  

Here’s the problem, there are evil principalities that stand in your way.  

You need to pass through. To pass, you need papers of provision and authority from Heaven permitting you to move. In Jesus’ name, bind the principalities and loosen provision and authority so that you can enter the city walls.   

Nehemiah did this, and the king granted provision and authority according to God’s will.  

  • “Furthermore I said to the king, ‘If it pleases the king, let letters be given to me for the governors of the region beyond the River, that they must permit me to pass through till I come to Judah, and a letter to Asaph the keeper of the king’s forest, that he must give me timber to make beams for the gates of the citadel which pertains to the temple, for the city wall, and for the house that I will occupy.’ And the king granted them to me according to the good hand of my God upon me.”—Nehemiah 2:7-8 

New wine, new assignments… it is all about the new thing God is doing.  

Isaiah 43:18-19 says… 

  • “Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth; shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. 

God is taking the brokenness in your life and washing it with new wine. He is preparing you to move out of the wilderness and into the desert. Remember, He is breaking the soul-ties in your life and getting rid of the old, positioning you to receive provision and authority.  

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Are You in the Wilderness? 

Are you confused, fearful, and reliant on man? Then you are in the wilderness. But God has prepared a road out! 

The Wilderness Is… 

  • Uninhabitable and wild. The wilderness is uncultivated and overtaken by wild animals.  
  • Full of distractions. With so much “wildness” going on around you, it can be hard to focus on what God wants you to do.  
  • A place of confusion, fear, and paranoia. David stayed in the wilderness and was overcome with confusion and paranoia. He sent spies out to learn about Saul and became fearful and hid. 
  • Concerned about man rather than God. In the wilderness, you are worried about man’s power rather than God’s.  
  • About self-reliance. Because you are more concerned with man’s power, you do not rely on God’s. Therefore, you become self-reliant, tired, and worn down.  

The wilderness has a road, and God wants to take you out of there!  

Are You in the Desert? 

The Desert Is… 

  • Free from distractions. In the Bible, deserts are free of distractions so you can see what you are really dealing with. Jesus’ temptations are prime examples.  
  • Associated with clarity and purity. They are intended to teach and train you to overcome obstacles, not destroy you.  
  • Concerned more about God than man. When you are in the desert, your focus is on the Lord.  
  • Revelatory. The desert produces revelation for your next season of responsibility. 
  • Refreshing. The desert has rivers that refresh, bring healing and hope, and revive what seems lost.  

Through the Messiah, you have provision and authority to journey through the desert and into the Promised Land.  

God is saying to you… 

  • Flee the wilderness and soak in the rivers in the desert. Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. 

The Lord desires to open streams in the wastelands of your life! 

Streams are coming from the rain of Heaven. When it hits the earth, it collects in low places and it finds the valleys, cracks, and places of brokenness. It finds the low places and rushes through them, causing them to expand. This is a picture of the expanding and abundant blessings God has for you!  

Here’s How to Move from the Wilderness to the Desert? 

  1. Repent, return, and reset.  
  1. Be teachable and flexible. Do not be afraid of change.  
  1. Make a commitment to the Lord. Decide now to make your yes’s yes. Back up your commitment with faith and action.  
  1. Be responsible for what the Lord gives you. When He releases provision and authority, take responsibility for them and be accountable.  
  1. Be trustworthy with what the Lord gives you. The parable of the talents demonstrates how God gives you an increase when you are trustworthy and responsible.  

Ready to move into your Promised Land? Then join us for Shavuot!