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Yeshua gave us a Great Commission: to make disciples. This is more than leading people to the Lord. It is more than telling people about the Lord. It requires intent, active teaching, and the building up of others.

Our Messiah said to make disciples. He Himself demonstrated this to us. And He trusts us to do it too…

Join us as we explore the commission to make disciples and how the raising up of ourselves and our families is a part of it…

Jesus’ Commission

After Yeshua our Messiah was raised up from death, He spent a total of 40 days on earth before ascending into Heaven. It was during those 40 days that He gave us as Believers, what is commonly known as the Great Commission.

“And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, ‘All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.’ Amen.”

—Matthew 28:18-20 (emphasis added)

In this commission He told us to make disciples… but what does that mean?

Remember, Yeshua had called twelve men to follow Him, known as His disciples. Twelve to whom He not only brought salvation, but who He taught. Who were made true disciples!

He spent three years teaching and building them up. It was not merely reciting prayer or proclaiming that He is Lord—though, those things were powerful—it was a lifestyle that was taught by Jesus through His words and His actions…

Bringing the good news of salvation to people is MASSIVELY important. However, we were commissioned to do more than just that. We were called to make disciples. This means that we are not only to lead people to Jesus and baptize them… but also help them live as God desires. And to do this means that…

In order to make disciples we must be disciples.


If we are walking as the world does, how can we make disciples?

If we are confused about God’s ways, then how can we teach?

If we are not in tune with God’s Word and ways—putting both into practice—then why would Believers become disciples?

The making of disciples begins with Believers exchanging the world’s ways for God’s ways. Aligning our words and actions with those of our Messiah. Raising up our families in the ways of the Lord…

Through this, the Body is strengthened. Through this, we become individuals, families, and communities who will be able to make disciples…

It Starts at Home

We want things to change in the world. To see disciples made of all nations. Yet, while each of us is called to be a part of this, bringing change and discipleship, in many ways, begins at home. Because, when we change ourselves and our families—raising them up—people take notice

Teenage girl wearing jean jacket and carrying books with one arm raised in joy in front of blue background.

It is amazing how aligning with the Lord changes things. Not only within those who are aligning, but in the atmosphere around them. Because people notice when someone is truly sold out to God. People notice when they are prospering despite the world around them growing darker. By seeing this, people realize that there is something better. And they want to know what it is. How to make it happen in their own lives.

Raising up our families and ourselves is a catalyst for change. But how do we do that? How do we start?

Obviously, we can and should spend more time in prayer, in God’s Word, in worship and praise, in fellowship with like-minded Believers… But what about things like adjusting our finances to God’s financial plan, or our time and tasks to God’s calendar? How do we implement these?

Well, certain actions, like giving tithes and keeping the sabbath/shabbat, are great ways to start aligning our finances and time with those of God’s Kingdom. While, at this very moment, we can work on guarding our words, on being mindful of what we ‘consume’—what we watch, read, listen to, etc.—or even on how we think of things. These are all changes that require little to no special preparation or teaching. But there are other actions that do…

Like renouncing generational curses, learning about the feasts of the Lord, coming out of agreement with emotional wounding, uncovering the spiritual importance of keeping God’s calendar… 

These and many others often require real intention on our part. A desire to understand God’s ways, to be freed and made whole, and to raise up, becoming disciples so that through us we can be Kingdom blessers and not Kingdom robbers. Answering the call to raise up God’s Kingdom as we make disciples of the nations…

Books from Curt Landry Ministries

At Curt Landry Ministries we desire to raise up disciples to answer their personal calling and to answer the Great Commission in their own walks. We do this through our teachings; in our services and in blogs. We do this through our humanitarian aid projects; through helping Holocaust survivors, IDF soldiers, and others. We do this through our prayer ministry; in our prayer appointments and prayer walls. We do this through our free resources. And now we are doing this through our books…

Not only books to teach and help individuals, churches, and families, but also with books now specifically produced for children…

Children’s Books:

Teach the next generation how to anticipate God’s goodness in the year ahead. Help children discover…

  • How we can learn from last year
  • What we need to leave behind
  • What we need to take into the new year

It’s time for all generations to know the sweetness that God has for them.

Teach the next generation how to return to the Lord and receive forgiveness. Help children discover… 

  • The power of repentance
  • The blessing of forgiving others and asking for forgiveness
  • How to choose God’s best for their lives

It’s time for the next generation to know how to enter into the next season with a clean and pure heart so they can fulfill God’s Kingdom purposes.

Teach the next generation how to honor the Lord and remember His provision. Help children discover… 

  • How God’s promises are everlasting
  • How God uses journeys in life to strengthen us
  • What covenant means
  • And so much more! 

It’s time for the next generation to come into the presence of the Lord and see His provision. 

Additional children’s books are scheduled for the coming months, so be sure to check back often!

Books for Individuals, Churches, and Families:

Additional books are scheduled to be released in the coming months, so be sure to check back often!