Protecting and Developing Your Calling: From Worrier to Warrior


I cannot express to you enough the importance of protecting and developing your call as a Believer in Yeshua.

Many times people share with me the disappointment of not living out their destiny. More often than not, this is due to a lack of discipline in their personal walk with the Lord.

My wife, Christie, has consistently reminded me, and those closest to us, that in consistency lies the victory. Just like an athlete must put much time and effort into training in order to compete effectively, we as Believers must take the necessary steps to living a life victoriously. It is not easy. However, if you take small steps every day, certain parts will get easier. As you make consistent, positive choices, they will become habits that begin to come naturally over time.

The Fear Factor 

One of the biggest struggles I witness in the Body of Christ, is dealing with a spirit of fear. When we allow a spirit of fear to take control of our lives, it can bring costly consequences. More often than not, as fear takes over it causes us to become distracted. When our minds begin to wander, the tasks that should be completed begin to get pushed to the back burner. So many times we can fantasize about problems that don’t even exist. However, our thoughts and words have power, and as we begin to worry about issues that could arise, we literally speak those problems into existence.

“…In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”—John 16.33

The Word of God tells us that there will always be problems in this world. Yeshua reminds us that no matter the circumstances, it is imperative that we keep our eyes on what God has asked us to do. This takes self-control. It takes discipline. That is why He so often took time out of His own busy schedule to seek the Lord.

I am also reminded of Elijah… after he had killed the prophets of Baal, the evil Queen Jezebel was furious and threatened his life. Even after Elijah had witnessed a miraculous victory, as the fire of God had literally fell from Heaven, when he took his eyes off of the Lord, this great man of God, STILL FEARED for his life. He, as they say here in Oklahoma, “tucked tails and ran for the hills”. The story is almost funny, except for the fact that it is really a very serious problem that many of us face today. How many times have we witnessed the supernatural power of God’s deliverance, and yet when a new problem arose we ran?

“‘Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God. 
I will strengthen you, 
Yes, I will help you, 
I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’” —Isaiah 41.10

stopworryingWe Were Made To Be Victorious 

Each one of us has been given a great calling in our lives. When we accepted Yeshua as our Savior, we chose to follow in the footsteps of God Himself. Although each calling is uniquely designed for us as individuals, the way in which we can gain higher ground is the same. It begins by taking every though captive… once, twice, three times, or as many times as it takes to move from fear to trust. 

I encourage you to take some time out of your day and make a list of areas that trigger fear in your life. Identify where the enemy has used past wounds as a method to keep you from moving forward. Then as old thought patterns begin to arise make a conscious choice to replace those thoughts with the Word of God, thanksgiving, songs of worship, and praise. It won’t be natural at first. In fact, it will be a struggle to retrain your soul to respond differently than it has in the past. Still, this exercise will become an invaluable tool—one that will make ALL the difference!

Let me pray with you…

Father God, as we prepare to train our soul to defeat the slings and arrows of doubt, fear, and unbelief, we thank You for the Holy Spirit—who has been sent to us as a comforter and a friend. We thank You, that as we take steps to move forward, You are right there beside us. We give You praise that in our weakness YOU ARE STRONG. We will continue to look toward You, and turn our face from the lies of the enemy. We choose today to place You on the throne of our lives, and we cast down every vain imagination that try’s to speak against the covenant promises that You have made with us. Finally, Lord, we plead the blood of Yeshua in every breech and gap where the enemy might try to steal, kill, and destroy, and we praise You for the freedom that we have been given to walk uprightly, FREE from fear. We love You Lord, and we look forward to the many ways in which we will grow in You, as we continue, day-by-day, to put our hope in You alone! In Yeshua’s mighty Name… Amen.