Prime Minister Netanyahu Continues to Campaign against Iran Nuclear Deal

Campaign against Iran Nuclear Deal

The potential nuclear deal with Iran and several countries in the United Nations has been the subject of a great deal of international news headlines lately. With President Obama recently making it clear he had the votes to prevent congress from shutting the deal down, debates became hotter than ever before. Now, Prime Minister Netanyahu says he will not cease campaigning against the deal, saying it is clearly bad for Israel.

Netanyahu has been extremely opposed to the deal since it was proposed in July. Under the deal, Iran would pull back on its nuclear power program. However, Netanyahu and many others have some legitimate doubts about whether Iran would ever actually abide by these rules. Given the significant tension between Israel and Iran, it is not out of the question to believe Iran could still have the ability to produce nuclear weapons and use them to target Israel.

The U.S. has responded to Israel’s protestations by offering to beef up the amount of money and technological aid they provide to the country, but Netanyahu is still not happy. He says the safety of millions of Israelis is at stake, and has promised not to back down from his opposition to the deal. Many experts are saying this opposition could create a major strain in relations between Israel and the United States, and that the relationship between Obama and Netanyahu has already been severely damaged.

We encourage you to pray for the people of Israel and their safety in the coming months and years. No one can say for certain what this deal will bring, but if one thing is for certain, Iran has not shown itself to be particularly trustworthy in the past.

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