Praying for Those Affected by ISIS and Violence in the Middle East

Praying for Those Affected by ISIS and Violence in the Middle EastIt seems that every day we wake up, turn on the news and read of new tragedies occurring in the Middle East. Countless atrocities have been committed and are being committed by terrorist organizations on a consistent basis, whether it’s in Gaza, Israel, Iraq, Syria or elsewhere. Curt Landry Ministries is devoted to mission work to help restore peace in the region. But we also strongly believe in the power of prayer, and if there is anyone in the world right now who needs prayer, it is the innocent men and women who are suffering from these tragedies.

If you would like to pray for these people but need some inspiration as to how you can get started, consider praying for any of the following:

Pray for peace. Ask God for a resolution for the conflict that is occurring in the Middle East and for peace for His people. Pray that those affected by the atrocities being Praying for Those Affected by ISIS and Violence in the Middle Eastcommitted on a regular basis will be able to find hope, happiness, and salvation amidst the turmoil that the region has suffered.
Pray for justice. Pray that God will bring justice to a region that has suffered so much over the years, and deal justly with those who have caused so much pain.
Pray for the children. The most innocent victims in all of this are the children of Israel, of Gaza and of the entire Middle East. Pray that children will be able to somehow maintain their innocence amidst the loss and pain they endure, and that they will grow up and live in a better, safer, happier world.
Pray for renewal. Pray that the Lord will cleanse the poverty- and violence-stricken countries of the Middle East and restore the lands with new life, new hope, and salvation.
Pray for hope. It is so easy for people suffering through poverty and violence to lose hope and give up on life. Pray that they will maintain the fire of hope throughout the dark times and that they will maintain their trust in God.

Our hearts are firmly with all of those suffering in the Middle East, and we will continue to pray for them and perform our mission work in hopes of bringing the love of Yeshua and helping to build a better future for the men, women and children of the region.