What to Pray for As the New Year Begins

Recently we celebrated the beginning of a Jubilee year, a truly special time in our faith. As the calendar turns over to 2016, we celebrate the beginning of another New Year, as well.

As we enter a New Year, here are some things you might consider praying about, both in reflecting on 2015 and preparing for the challenges and excitement of 2016:

  • Pray for the innocents of the crises in Prayers for the New Yearthe Middle East. This includes the people of Israel who are engaged in seemingly constant struggles with Palestinians; for the refugees of Syria who are stuck wandering without a home; and for all the victims of terrorist organizations like ISIS who have done nothing to deserve such suffering.
  • Pray for enhanced faith. Reflect on how you have developed your relationship with God this year, and pray that your faith will continue to grow throughout 2016, despite whatever challenges may come.
  • Pray for the underprivileged. Pray for all who suffer—all the underprivileged people of America, the Middle East, Europe, and across the entire world. Ask God to give them strength throughout their suffering, and hope that they will see a better future.
  • Pray for the faith of others. Curt Landry Ministries is particularly focused on renewing the covenant between God and man. Pray that people throughout the world will find shelter in God and have their faith restored. So many problems that exist in the world are there because of a lack of faith, and following God’s example is the only means of achieving peace.
  • Pray for motivation and action. Pray for God to ask how you can provide assistance to those who truly need it, whether it’s in the form of service, prayerdonationssponsorship or other actions.

What are some of the things you are praying for as we head into 2016? In reflection on 2015, where did you see God at work the most?

Happy New Year to all, from all of us at Curt Landry Ministries.