Peace Remains a Dream for Israel

Peace Remains a Dream for IsraelIsrael was officially established as a recognized nation in 1948, though of course the history of the region stretches back thousands of years. But since its official establishment, the country has rarely seen a year without some sort of military conflict.

Consider these major wars and conflicts that the nation has been involved with over the course of the past 67 years, just a small selection of the military conflict that the nation has had to deal with:

War of Independence. The war in which Israel earned its independence was fought in the 1940s and ended with agreements between Israel, Jordan, Peace Remains a Dream for IsraelEgypt, Lebanon and Syria. • Suez Crisis. In 1956, Israel was involved in military operations in the Suez Canal alongside Britain and France after Egypt decided to nationalize the Suez Canal. • Late 1960s. The late 1960s saw a war of attrition being fought between Israel and Egypt, Syria, Jordan, the USSR and the Palestinians. The war was begun by Egypt to try to retake Sinai from Israel, who had taken it in mid-1967. • Yom Kippur War. In October 1974, a coalition of Arab states under the leadership of Syria and Egypt warred against Israel to try to take back territories they had lost in the 1960s. They failed to do so. • Palestinian insurgencies. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Palestinians relocated to South Lebanon and began staging attacks on the Galilee region. • South Lebanon Conflict. From approximately 1982 to 2000, an extremely long period of war against Lebanon occurred, with the Lebanese militia being backed by Hezbollah from Iran. • More Palestinian uprisings. For much of the past decade and a half, there have been nearly constant battles waged against Palestinians, with the violence flaring up every now and then particularly in the Gaza region.

And yet, despite this long history of violence that Israel has had to suffer through, peace remains a dream for the nation. We at Curt Landry Ministries believe that, while there is still certainly much work to be done in the Middle East, God wants to bring peace to the region and to end the suffering that his faithful have endured for generations. Take the time to browse our website and learn more about the mission work that we perform to help these dreams turn into a reality.