Curt Landry Live on Facebook with Pastor Ramiro Peña

Pastor Ramiro Peña of Christ the King Church in Waco, TX, has President Trump’s ear as it relates to the border crisis. As a member of the White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative, he partners with others and advises the administration on how to…

  • Build strong communities
  • Strengthen marriage and families 
  • Create solutions for crime prevention and reduction 
  • Generate health and humanitarian services
  • And much more…

Pastor Peña has visited the White House on a number of occasions to advise President Trump. In January, he sat with President Trump, thanking him for recognizing the border issue for what it is—a humanitarian crisis. 

Pastor Peña has come to know Trump and provides pastoral advice. Peña has seen Trump’s compassionate, genuine, and authentic heart, even when others speak words against him.

Untold Human Suffering at the Border

One reason Pastor Ramiro Peña supports President Trump is that they share the same view when identifying the real issue at the border, a humanitarian crisis that is a threat to this nation’s safety. 

Ramiro Peña has explained on various news broadcasts that human suffering at the border has “hit a fever pitch.” There are many untold stories of…

  • Human trafficking
  • Drug trafficking
  • Illegal arms
  • Violent communities

Pastor Peña understands that something must be done to curtail the pain, hurt, violence, and suffering. He stands with President Trump and supports his efforts to move towards greater efforts to keep our nation safe. 

Pastor Ramiro Peña Explains Why Trump’s Approval Rate is on the Rise

According to Fox News [1], Trump’s approval rating among Hispanic American’s went from 31% in December 2019, to 50% in January 2020. Ramiro Peña attributes the increase to the alignment between President Trump’s views and the Hispanic community values. 

Pastor Peña gives a number of reasons for the increased approval rating…

  • Employment is at a record low among Hispanic Americans. They have a tremendous work ethic and are finding jobs.
  • As a culture, Hispanics are pro-life, pro-faith, and have pro-traditional values. This aligns with Trump’s views and efforts. 

Pastor Ramiro Peña Stands with Trump and Blesses Israel. Here’s How…

Pastor Ramiro Peña has partnered with My Olive Tree to plant olive trees in Israel. He is helping to fill Trump Grove—an olive grove just beyond the borders of the contested Golan Heights and the Trump Heights settlement—with mature trees and saplings in honor of the United States’ president.

Click HERE to read more about this project.

Imagine the impact you can have when you stand with other Believers from different cultures and backgrounds and bless the Promised Land. Unite and stand with God’s chosen people and release the power in every mountain!

This is part of our responsibility as Believers. It is part of our mission at Curt Landry Ministries. And it aligns with Pastor Ramiro Pena’s mission as well…

“A ministry of Christ the King Church dedicated to advancing the transforming power of the Gospel, in obedience to the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20. This is reflected in our work throughout the Seven Mountains of Cultural Influence.” [2]

Curt Landry will be hosting an interview with Pastor Ramiro Peña on March 24th. Join them as they discuss mountains and movements. 

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About Pastor Ramiro Peña

Pastor Peña is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Christ the King Baptist Church of Waco. The church has a television ministry in both English and Spanish that reaches all 50 states and 249 countries. The Lord has used him to help plant 14 other churches in Texas, Mexico, Cuba and India since 1991.

He currently serves on the Faith Initiative for President Donald J. Trump and served on the National Hispanic Advisory Council to Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Learn more about Pastor Ramiro Peña at