Passover Frequently Asked Questions | What Can I Expect During a Passover Seder?

Hallelujah! Passover is upon us, and it is time to encounter a deeper presence of the Lord. Be prepared to clap, shout, blow your shofar, and praise His name! As you prepare, we understand you may have some Passover frequently asked questions. Let’s get started.  

When is Passover 2022? Currently, we are in the year 5782 according to the Hebraic calendar. It is for this reason that you may see it written “Passover 5782” in various places. Passover begins this year at sundown on Friday, April 15th through Saturday, April 23rd. If you want to know more about the dates and why they change from year to year, you can download our FREE Passover guide HERE.  

Many of you will prepare for the Passover Seder in your homes. Though we may not be putting our feet under the same physical table, we will be putting our feet under the same spiritual table.  

What the Lord has brought together, Jew and Gentile, you and us, nothing can separate. Our hearts are full of gladness and joy as we pause during this appointed time to remember, as well as look forward to what the Lord has planned for us in this next season.  

Passover | Expect a Memorial and a Celebration 


  • Is a time of remembering your inheritance, what you have been freed from, and the blood of the Lamb  
  • Is a time to celebrate the rebirth, new direction, and new season of your life—the Father has nothing but good for you as you place your feet beneath His table  
  • Is a time to reclaim what has been stolen from you  

Passover is a time to reset your clocks! 

What does that mean? 

The enemy has tried to steal your time, task, activities, inheritance, and identity for far too long. It is time to reclaim what has been stolen. It is time to realign your heart with the Lord completely.  

“…I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten, 

the crawling locust, 

the consuming locust, 

and the chewing locust, 

My great army which I sent among you.” 

—Joel 2:25 

It is time where we reposition ourselves according to His timeline and calendar. This requires a shift from our Adamic mindset to a heavenly mindset. And when this shift happens, blessings of provision, protection, and prosperity are released! 

Before we begin to break down the events and answer your Passover frequently asked questions, we want you to know it is okay if you weren’t able to gather all of the items typically used or consumed during a Passover Seder. Remember, the Lord knows your heart.  

Click HERE to read more about the items typically used, substitutes, and how to prepare your home for Passover.  

There is one thing that we recommend because it will be a great blessing to you and walk you through the Passover Seder. It is the Haggadah. If you didn’t order a physical copy, then download a FREE digital copy HERE


Request a download for a Haggadah here.

Start Your Passover Journey Here 

Psalm 23 is where you will find the invitation from the Lord to slide your feet under His table. During this feast, enemies in your mind—all the fear, doubt, and unbelief—will bend their knees to Jesus.  

Experience the freedom that is yours! 

Passover is the biblical New Year for God’s instruction, or the Torah. As stated above, it is the new season of rebirth. It is when God’s nation was officially born.  

“This month shall be your beginning of months; it shall be the first month of the year to you.” 

Exodus 12:2 

Passover Frequently Asked Questions 

What does Seder mean? Seder simply means order. The Passover Seder is the order in which the Passover story is told, and the meal is consumed.  

What does Haggadah mean? Haggadah means the telling of the story. Therefore, we encourage you to download your Haggadah, so that you will have a program and format for the Seder.  

Is the Passover story just about the Israelites exodus out of Egypt? That is part of the story. However, the bigger picture is that it is a story of your spiritual heritage. As you’ve been grafted into the family of God (Ephesians 2:11-13), this is the story of your ancestors. It’s a beautiful picture of the Creator’s plan to redeem His creation. And He invites you to join Him on the journey.  

Next, Wash Your Hands 

If you were to arrive on-site for a Curt Landry Ministries Passover, you would be met by our team, who would welcome you, pray with you, and wash your hands. If you won’t be meeting with us in person, you can still wash the hands of your family and pray in your home.   

Time for a Welcome Message 

At Curt Landry Ministries, we’ve held Passover Seders with a variety of different speakers and sermons. Each gives a personal and prophetic message that witnesses to the hearts of many.  

Again, if you are joining us for Passover from your home, go HERE on Friday, April 15th, 2022, at 7:45 PM CT. 

Walking through the Passover Seder Plate | What to Expect… 

As a parable, the Passover Seder plate is symbolic. Curt Landry will walk you through the symbolism of each element. They each depict a beautiful element of life and the sweetness of Jesus that covers it all.  

Passover Frequently Asked Questions 

What do the elements on the seder plate represent? Curt Landry will explain further during the Passover Seder, but here is a sneak peek.  

  • The egg—Reveals how the Lord is the beginning and the end.  
  • Karpas (green vegetable/parsley)—Represents new beginnings. Springtime is here! 
  • Maror (horseradish)—Helps us remember the bitterness of life, which is covered by the sweetness of Jesus.  
  • Charoset (applesauce)—Recalls the need to embrace the sweetness of life and allow it to overcome the bitterness.  
  • Zuror (lamb shank)—Represents the right arm of the Lord, which is the strength, justice, and judge in our lives (Isaiah 52:10).  *Remember, it is okay if you do not have a lamb shank. 
  • Salt Water—Reminds us that the Lord hears our cries and sees our tears through trials and tribulations.  
  • Matzah (unleavened bread)—Represents Yeshua—Jesus. It is typically striped, pierced, and without leaven. Leaven represents sin. 

The Passover Seder  

Curt Landry will use the Haggadah to walk you through the Passover Seder.  

Passover Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the Passover Seder a full meal? No. It is about remembering, understanding the symbolism, and retelling the story of Passover. On-site, we eat a full meal before the Passover Seder. It is typically chicken with a salad, a bed of rice or potatoes, and a delicious dessert. 

If you are celebrating from your home, please share what you all have for your Passover meal with your family! Leave a comment on Facebook! 

How does the Passover Seder begin? We will blow the shofars, light candles, and say a blessing.  

What is the breaking of the matzah? Typically, there are 3 pieces of matzah wrapped in a bag. The 3 pieces of matzah represent the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The middle section of matzah is taken out and broken in half, representing Yeshua. It is placed back in the bag and set aside for later.   

Legacy is Important in the Passover Story 

We know that God instructs His people to keep the feast throughout the generations.  

“So this day shall be to you a memorial; and you shall keep it as a feast to the Lord throughout your generations. You shall keep it as a feast by an everlasting ordinance.”

Exodus 12:14 

You see this memorial passed on in 2 ways during Passover…  

1. The hiding of the middle matzah. A fun tradition is for an adult to hide the matzah in the bag, and later the children will go and search for it. The child that finds it is given a gift.  

2. The asking of the 4 questions. In your Haggadah, you will find 4 questions. These questions are asked by a child and answered by an adult. It is God’s will that this story is passed down to the next generation. He invites us to ask questions about why this night is different. Passover is when our Savior accomplished what He came to do and is the foundation of our faith as Believers. This certainly is the legacy to leave for future generations! 

Continuing with the Seder Elements 

Curt Landry will continue to walk you through each element of the seder. He will instruct you how and when to take sips and bites while also explaining the deeper meaning of each. It’s truly a beautiful encounter with the Lord as you connect to the roots of your faith and experience just how much the Lord is eager to share a meal with you.  

Passover Frequently Asked Questions 

When is the middle matzah found? For us at Curt Landry Ministries, after the reading of the “Dayenus,” which means it would’ve been enough in Hebrew, the children leave the table to find the matzah.  

As you will see in your Haggadah, the fourth cup of wine and the 9 blessings follow the finding of the middle matzah. This is a joyous occasion to reflect on the blessings of divine provision, protection, and prosperity that you have access to through your covenant relationship with Yeshua. These will be further explained.  

What if I don’t have any Passover seder elements? That is okay! We still invite you to join us. The Father knows your situation, your heart, and exactly what you need. His invitation is always open to those who will come. So, come and join us! 

How do I join you for Passover? Passover 2022/5782 will be HERE on April 15th at 7:45 PM CT. Simply click on this link. In the meantime, we want to pray in preparation for our hearts and minds to align with God’s. Will you join us? 

“Father God—King of the universe—I give you my thoughts this day. I pray that my thoughts might be Your thoughts and that my heart would follow Yours. I surrender my emotions to You, Lord, as they will not lead me today. I know that my emotions can be tricked and deceived, but Lord let my mind be aligned with Your Word and Your ways. Let my heart be obedient to follow You. Let my hands be empowered by Your right hand, that I might do great exploits for You in this new season. In Yeshua’s name, Amen!”