Passover 5778/2018 and Restoration: Special Guests

Passover 5778

As we continue to prepare for Passover, one of the most important times of year for us at Curt Landry Ministries, there is a call of restoration among the nations. What does this mean? It means that the Lord is at work in mighty ways to bring together both Jew and Gentile from different nations, tongues, and tribes, to join together as One New Man. Those grafted into the commonwealth of Israel make the threefold cord strong and unified. This releases the healing and reconciliation power of the Holy Spirit.

“Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not quickly broken.”—Ecclesiastes 4:12

Recently, we looked at the work of Dr. Alveda King and Dr. Morris Ruddick. They, among the other special guests Curt Landry Ministries at House of David will host this Passover 5778, have a tremendous ministry of reconciliation to the nations.


Dr. Alveda King is one of our nation’s premier African American leaders whose ministry is pro-life and pro-reconciliation. She is the latest presidential appointee, and more importantly represents the spiritual tribe of Keturah referenced in Genesis 25:1-6. We have worked with Dr. King for nearly a year now and have seen the Lord’s hand moving, bringing people of all races and ethnic backgrounds together in mighty ways.

Dr. King has unique apostolic authority to represent the people of her genetic heritage for the reconciliation that will take place at Passover 5778.

“Dr. Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., has a unique family heritage of reconciliation and I believe that God has sent His best ambassador for this once-in-a-lifetime Passover.”—Curt Landry

Dr. Morris Ruddick was the first apostolic Gentile that Rabbi encountered 18 years ago. He carried the revelation that the Gentile Church needed to understand the biblical instructions and patterns of the Hebraic roots of the faith. He is an author and a speaker, as well as a missionary. He and his wife, Carol, are church-planters in Vietnam and other nations. Dr. Morris is a former military leader who has a ministry of reconciliation to the nations. He also carries a unique ability to raise-up disciples in underdeveloped countries.

“Dr. Morris’ presence at Passover 5778/2018 is important because he has a Malachi 4 heart, where the hearts of the Fathers are turned to the children. His ministry’s unique anointing brings healing and reconciliation through the generations.”—Curt Landry

Apostle Joan Swallow is the widow of the late Dr. Apostle Jay Swallow who was uniquely recognized as the spiritual leader for over 500 recognized Native American tribes in the United States. Apostle Joan is a leader in her own right who carries an apostolic mother’s heart for the First Nations and all the tribes. Curt and his wife, Christie, have worked with her and her family since 1996.

Dr. Jay Swallow was one of the founders of Two Rivers Native American Training Center. Two Rivers has a mission to equip missionaries and other leaders with biblical training and leadership to reach the Native people of North America.

Two Rivers responds to the needs of the First Nations: “There are 580 Native Nations in North America. The U.S. Center for World Missions states that there are at least 200 Native Nations that have not been reached with the Gospel and over 95% of the 3.5 million Native Americans in the United States have not accepted the gospel message. Currently, we believe Two Rivers offers the only Native-founded, Native-led, culturally sensitive ministry training on the North American continent.”

Two Rivers continue to fulfill the commission of advancing the Kingdom of God and bringing together unity and reconciliation among the nations. There is a deep level of love and respect between Curt Landry Ministries and the Swallow family. Joan Swallow’s land authority and understanding regarding reconciliation is critical at this unique Passover where the tribes are gathering in Oklahoma.

“Apostle Joan Swallow is one of the most powerful prophetic intercessors that I have ever encountered. She has a unique gift and authority to change the atmosphere wherever she goes. We have celebrated many Passovers with her and her late husband, Dr. Apostle Jay Swallow and we remain humbled to join together at this special time.”—Curt Landry

Bishop Paul Nya is recognized as one of several Apostles over Africa. He has a unique call to gather together leaders around his nation for healing and reconciliation. Bishop Paul and his wife, Blessing, are the pastors of Praise Chapel International Charismatic Church with branches throughout the nation of Togo and other parts of Africa.

Praise Chapel International has a tremendous heart for the children and feeding the poor and is thereby recognized as a national leader. Bishop Paul’s presence is highly valued at this Passover because of the international component of reconciliation. Psalm 2:8 says, “Ask me, and I will give you the nations for your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for your possession.” Bishop Paul is an answer to this prayer for our ministry.

“Bishop Paul Nya carries what we call ‘mana,’ or authority, and when he speaks you can feel the chains breaking off your soul so that you are able to believe what God is saying through him. He is truly a man of God and we are always honored to have him at our table.”—Curt Landry

Kamal Saleem was born and raised in Lebanon as a Muslim extremist. He was raised to hate the Jewish people and was mentored by Yasar Arafat. Kamal came to the United States to infiltrate the society, but instead, he had an encounter with loving and forgiving Christians and experienced a truly profound born-again transformation experience.

Mr. Saleem is one of the nations’ premier authors and speakers on Islam and Bible prophecy. He is an intricate part of the Passover Seder as he represents Ishmael and is one who carries a heart of love and a desire for reconciliation for not only Isaac (the Jewish people), but also for all the nations of the earth.

Kamal Saleem and his wife, Victoria, founders of Koome Ministries, have a passion to reach a lost people and see the nation of Ishmael redeemed. Koome is an Aramaic word that means ‘arise.’  It is their mission to teach the redeeming power of God. The Saleem’s use the power of prayer as the foundation for all they do, living by Luke 6:27-28, “But I say to you who hear: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, and pray for those who spitefully use you.”

The Saleem’s started the ministry in 2006 as a way to teach local churches on the origin and agenda of Islam. This was a call to the Body of Christ to ARISE, as their name implies, to understand the impact the Islam has on a Believer’s life. The Lord is using their message and lives as a call to all nations to come together in the restoration of peace.

“Of the many testimonies, I have been blessed to hear Kamal Saleem has one of the most powerful testimonies of a born-again transformation. Our relationship is truly a witness of Ishmael and Isaac’s reconciliation and having him at our Passover Seder remains great honor.”—Curt Landry

passover haggadah

Robert Henderson plays an important role as an apostolic leader, with a call of restorations to all nations. His ministry, Robert Henderson Ministries, has a call to “Disciple Nations” to align with their destiny and purpose. One focus of his ministry is to shift the Church to the mindset of an apostolic model that embraces it’s God-given authority. Robert Henderson’s vision is that the Body of Christ functions as the government God intended.

Henderson’s mission is to move the Church to understand and operate in the Courts of Heaven in the spiritual realm. When the Body of Christ functions in this governmental setting it moves nations to come into divine order and demonstrates the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

His ministry has a passion to see God’s operational Kingdom infiltrating every realm of society.

“I cannot say enough about the important role that Robert Henderson has played in the transformation of so many lives around the world through his teachings on the Courts of Heaven. House of David Ministries will never be the same, as we have learned and understood how to legally bring our appeals before the Courtroom of Heaven—unlocking divine destinies over our personal lives, our church, our city, and the nations. We are truly excited and blessed to have this apostolic leader sit with us at our Passover table!”—Curt Landry

We are excited to have these special guests with us for this unique and powerful Passover 5778! If you join in person this Passover, we would love to have you join us LIVE STREAM on March 30th at 7:45 pm CT.