Opposition is Not Always a “No”

When we face opposition there are two options. Quitting or pressing forward.

Yet, for many Believers opposition is seen as a sign that they are on the wrong path, and so they quit. Never considering that perhaps they are facing opposition BECAUSE they are on the right path.

God can certainly use opposition to have us reconsider our path. Or protect/redirect us through closed doors. But sometimes, just like David—the boy who slayed a giant and went on to become king—we have to press forward and through. Trusting God to turn our opposition into testimony!

Join us below as we discover how opposition does not always mean, “no,” and how patience and determination are keys to overcoming…

Does Opposition Mean We Need to Change Direction?

There are certainly times when opposition is allowed by God because we are not going in the best direction, or are preparing to enter into timing that is dangerous. After all, we have a God who can shut doors no man can open, and who can open doors no man can shut (see Revelation 3:7-8). And so there are times when the Lord shuts a door to protect us or even to redirect us to one which is far, far better. But not all opposition means we are on the wrong path…

“You will be brought before governors and kings for My sake, as a testimony to them and to the Gentiles.”

—Matthew 10:18

Often opposition comes BECAUSE we are going the way God intends us to. After all, the enemy does not desire us to answer our call, to bring God’s Kingdom to earth, or to walk in God’s ways. The enemy is out to destroy us (see John 10:10); and the effort that the enemy puts into this increases the more we align our walk with God’s. Thankfully, God takes what the enemy meant for evil and turns it to good—like changing opposition into testimony (see Genesis 50:19-21)!

Opposition does not always mean, “no.” But opposition is a good indicator that we ought to be aware (Matthew 10:16). That we should check in with the Lord. And that, if He says we are on the right path, then we need to push forward in His strength and timing. Trusting in Him, and seeking His will throughout our journey.

The Lord did not say that we would never face opposition (see John 16:33). In fact, opposition—trials and tribulations—serve to prepare us for our call (2 Corinthians 12:9, James 1:2-8, and James 1:12-20). They create patience. Faith. And determination. So that we can walk out all that God would have us do…

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Opposition in the Word:

From the Old to the New Testament we find that those who serve God appear to face some form of opposition in their biblical testimony…

Consider David, for example. He was anointed by the prophet Samuel when he was but a youth for the purpose of prophetically proclaiming that David would become king. Yet, none of David’s family thought that David was the right choice. He was not tall enough, handsome enough, etc. They could not see the potential in David that God and the prophet Samuel could. But this was not David’s only opposition. And it would be a long time before David would become king…

David would face Goliath. He would serve Saul—who would shift from loving David to trying to kill him. He would leave his people and battle many foes. He would have to rescue his and his men’s wives. He would be tested with Saul’s life being placed in his hands, but choose to spare him

All of these things and more he faced. And the prophetic promise of his becoming king took many, many years before it finally manifested. Yet, David pressed forward. He stood on the promise of God—stumbling in some ways, but always returning to God—and eventually, the door of that promise was opened to him!

Now, David could have given up on the promise, thinking that the opposition meant that he was not meant to become king. That perhaps the prophet Samuel was wrong. Or that he—David—had somehow messed up or missed God’s timing. But if he had taken all of the opposition to mean, “no,” and quit… then the promise and testimony of David for himself, his children, and us would not have come through him. Instead, God would need to raise up another.

Thankfully, David did not give up or change course. And while he made mistakes, he shifted his thoughts and ways back to God quickly, staying in alignment with the promise, and not giving up. 

This is a beautiful manifestation of God turning opposition into testimony! Yet, opposition amongst those who followed God was not limited to David in God’s Word. It can also be found in Nehemiah’s story, Job’s, those of the prophets, of Esther… even of Yeshua!

Many people were critical of these men and women of God. They talked down to them, verbally or even physically abused them, and created all kinds of opposition. 

There were trials and tribulations. Moments where it appeared as if no door or promise would ever open to them…

Yet, in staying the course. In maintaining their trust and faith in God—even though they, save Yeshua, were not perfect. The door of God’s promise eventually opened. Not always as soon or in the way that was desired… but in God’s perfect timing and way. For their benefit, for the Kingdom’s, and for those who would be taught by their testimony.

The word testimony being highlighted in a dictionary.

This Applies to US:

Opposition—be it because we are or are not going in the direction God desires—creates amazing testimony and Kingdom results

Just as David faced opposition. Just as Nehemiah, Job, the prophets, Esther, Yeshua, and many, many others faced opposition… we too will face opposition. And it does not mean that God does not love us. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Because it shapes our character. Because it can mean that the enemy does not like how close we are getting to the Lord God’s promise; that God is protecting us from going the wrong direction or at the wrong time; or that we need to do battle in such a way that God receives all the glory!

God can—and does—close doors, and sometimes we can mistake that for opposition that we are meant to overcome. But other times we will face opposition meant to mold and shape us… that will test our determination, our faith, and indeed our patience as we stay the course God has laid out. Pressing forward and through to victory and, more importantly, a closer relationship with God!

Opposition is not always a “no.” Sometimes it is a catalyst to testimony. An opportunity to continue onward, seeking God’s will and trusting in His Word, His promises, and ways. Of seeing God’s Kingdom made manifest on the earth.

God has this. Trust Him. And continue to press forward in God’s will.