News Update | Standing Strong with Israel During a Global Crisis

As we slowly start to reopen and return to work and business, we want you to know how you’ve stood by Israel in the last few months. These past few months weren’t easy. But your generosity has put smiles on countless faces.

Since March, our world has turned upside down. We have navigated uncharted territory. We have been forced to do things differently.

But we are reemerging into broad places, expecting to recover it all (1 Samuel 30:8). Your faithful seed has been planted in fertile soil.

We want you to understand this: There were gates that were closed in Israel. No one was allowed to enter due to the pandemic. However, your generosity has impressed leaders. Your giving spirit has opened doors and blessed the people of Israel.

We want to share what the Lord did through you during this time of shutdown. He created an opportunity to put feet to your faith. During the past couple of months, God took your seed and sowed hope into the lives of Holocaust Survivors, children in Israel, and many more.

God opened doors, and we were able to walk through.

Here’s How…

1) Standing Strong with Israel – Delivering Meals during Quarantine

As you know, Passover was in the midst of quarantine. Special permission had to be granted from the City of Jerusalem to deliver Passover Seder meals. Because of your consistent support, permission was granted! 

Holocaust survivors were able to partake in the holy holiday and receive seeds of hope and love that you give with every donation.

2) Survivors Standing Strong with Israel—Pruning and Planting Gardens for the Holocaust

Now that the weather is warm, the Holocaust survivors were eager to get some fresh air and go outside to their patio garden area.

However, when we looked at the area, we quickly realized it needed some care. There were overgrown bushes and limbs that required pruning. We saw a need and could say, “Yes!” because of your support. A team was put in place right away and the area was cleaned up and replanted in no time.


The green pergola (seen in pictures below) was also repaired and painted. This “yes” was important because, right now, this is the only outside space the Holocaust survivors can go due to the pandemic.

The quick efforts did not go unnoticed. They caught the attention of Jerusalem’s mayor. He wanted to visit to see the great work you made happen.

3) Standing Strong with Israel – Making an Impression on Jerusalem’s Mayor

Jerusalem’s mayor, Moshe Lion, heard about your generosity and came to visit the Holocaust survivors in their newly landscaped patio garden area. He was overjoyed to see the work that the Curt Landry Ministries team was able to do. He sends his warmest regards to Curt Landry Ministries supporters.  

Mayor Lion was also excited and honored to meet our special war hero, Holocaust survivor, Mark (pictured below). Mark was a member of the Red Army, the army that fought courageously in a two-pronged attack against Nazi forces in Stalingrad, forcing their surrender after five-months, one week and three days of combat—in early February 1943. This same Red Army later barged into Berlin and captured that city—the final step in defeating the Nazi’s, ending World War II.

Mayor Moshe Lion giving Sam (Curt Landry Ministries’ boots-on-the-ground) a thumbs up. It thrilled him to see your generosity in such difficult times.
Mayor Moshe Lion speaking to the group of Holocaust survivors. It’s great to see them out enjoying the nice weather in their beautiful garden area!
Our special hero, WW II war veteran, Mark, donning his well-earned medals.

4) Standing Strong with Israel – Delivering Sheets and Blankets to Disabled Children

ALEH is an organization Curt Landry Ministries supports in Israel. ALEH is a place where disabled children live, grow, receive treatments, and attend school. This facility was under tight quarantine during the shutdown in Israel. No one was allowed in or out.

This was due to the children being among the most vulnerable to COVID-19. Because of their compromised immune systems, protecting these children was a matter of life and death.

As a result, they were in desperate need of fresh linens. Workers weren’t able to go outside of the facility to do laundry, and the washing machines and dryers inside of the facility were overloaded.

Your donations truly saved the day. They couldn’t believe the surprise gift of fresh bedding that showed up at the perfect time!

However, getting the gift there was an adventure…

We were recently granted permission by the Israeli government (because of you, our consistent supporters) to deliver sandwiches and masks to Israeli officials along the border of Ma’ale Adumim.

  • Click HERE to read the full article about delivering masks to Israeli officials.

The squad of police officers who received the sandwiches and masks came to help deliver and escort Sam as he delivered the bedding to the quarantine facility, ALEH.

The police motorcycles used to escort the delivery.

God opened the door to helping Israeli officials, which opened the door to helping the children!

This delivery put a smile on these sweet faces. Sheets and blankets might seem like a small gift but understand this was God’s divine plan for your love to arrive, bless, and provide exactly what these children needed at the moment.

2 More Ways You Stood Strong with Israel during a Global Crisis…

Providing Masks to Holocaust Survivors

During the time of quarantine, you provided the means for us to deliver face masks and sanitizing products to Holocaust survivors.

  • Click HERE to read the full article.

Providing Masks to Israeli Officials

As reference above, Curt Landry Ministries delivered sandwiches and masks to Israeli officials who were spending long hours protecting the borders near Ma’ale Adumim.

  • Click HERE to read the full article. The article also contains a link to a terrorist attack video that took place during the delivery. The terrorist was apprehended.

To Our Covenant Partners, Supporters, and Prayer Warriors… Thank You for Standing Strong with Israel

Your thoughtful and gracious hearts pour out love that reaches across the world. These acts of kindness humble our hearts. We are honored to partner with you as we continue standing strong with Israel—God’s nation—during the time of a global pandemic.

You truly are walking out your faith and fulfilling Isaiah 1:17…

“Learn to do good; seek justice, rebuke the oppressor; defend the fatherless, plead for the widow.”

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