News Update: Here’s What YOU Are a Part of Through Curt Landry Ministries



We are grateful for the outpouring of love from our supporters. Together, we can care for a number of Holocaust survivors, Safe House children, and Israeli Defense Forces soldiers.

We want to take a moment and share with you the enormous impact your generous donations have made. Today, hundreds of people in Israel are shown the love of Christ in this past month because of your support.




We recently celebrated Passover, a feast that has been honored and remembered among the Jewish nations for generations, dating back to the Exodus. It is a foundational celebration in their culture and gives Believers a direct window into their faith journey.

God took the Jewish people, just as He did every Believer, out of captivity and brought them into freedom. Every supporter takes part in the continued spiritual and physical transition that is taking place through the nation of Israel. Through various supports, you are revealing the love of Yeshua to God’s chosen people.

Always remember, this is not about us, it is about the Kingdom of God. The Lord has enabled us to be His hands and feet for the Apple of His Eye.

“Learn to do good; seek justice, rebuke the oppressor; defend the fatherless, plead for the widow.”—Isaiah 1:17

Here is who and how we have been able to serve through generous supporters like you:

WHO: Israeli foster children without support or families— Over 12,000 Israeli children live in foster care or residential group homes. Most of them come from broken homes with backgrounds of sexual abuse, violence, and neglect.

When these young people turn 18, they can be turned out into the world to face it on their own. They have big dreams, but lack the support or direction of how to accomplish them.

HOW: We choose to respond. Curt Landry Ministries has partnered with the Bridge to Independence program in Israel to provide and sponsor Safe House apartments for young men and women (ages 18-24).

  • We have already made the commitment and are currently sponsoring a Safe House for young women in Jerusalem. This Safe House has proven to be a success for many young women who have made their dreams a reality and are now on their way to successful careers within their communities.
  • Because of the success of the women’s Safe House, we have been asked to expand our efforts to young men.
  • We are currently underway with a process of setting up a new Safe House in Tel Aviv.
  • We provided allowances for transportation for special needs children, as well as

Planning and developing is a process—it costs time and money to provide rent, utilities, food, counselors, and mentors for these young people. We are blessed to have come this far, but we need continued support to reach out to more people in need.

“Defend the poor and fatherless; do justice to the afflicted and needy.”—Psalm 82:3

Find out more about our Safe House programs and change a life today!

WHO: Holocaust Survivors— There are an estimated 180,000 Holocaust survivors living in Israel today. Of those, at least,70,000 survivors struggle to maintain an independent life. That is well over 38%.

Many of those who survived the horrific time of the Holocaust live without modern basic needs. Even though time passes, we will not forget these precious lives and will honor, protect, and serve them.

HOW: As the survivors face spiritual, physical, and emotional challenges from their past, they also deal with death and grief today. Each year thousands pass away, and there is only a short time left that we can reach out to them to show them our much needed love and support.

  • We have provided two Passover Seder meals this past month. Both meals were for over 100 survivors each. We prepared a selection of choice fresh meats and all of the other ingredients for the traditional meal.

For Passover we were able to bring in a chef that taught the survivors how to make Haroset (the customary sweet dip) and explained the different customs such as:

  • Why they dip the bitter herb in salt water
  • Why eat the bitter herb and Charoset together

Although these customs were familiar, many of them did not understand the meaning until this Passover Seder meal. What a witness of the Lord’s redemptive power to the nation of Israel!

While the special ingredients may not seem of importance to some, it is a symbol of how we honor them, and that we seek to meet them where they are, just as Yeshua does with us. Those who ate at the Seder were incredibly thankful and expressed gratitude that we cared enough to provide the delicious food. We also provided traditional music and played their favorite songs during the meal. Each survivor received a special gift, a box of Matzah covered with chocolate!

  • Recently we also provided 400 orthopedic leather shoes to the Holocaust survivors. Quality footwear is essential to the elderly for a variety of practical reasons, such as balance and simply to be able to complete tasks around their homes with the ease of walking. We are blessed to have provided such an overlooked need.

“And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’”—Matthew 25:40

Look here to discover out more about our Holocaust Survivor program and honor a life today!

WHO: The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)— Thousands of IDF soldiers are ready to deploy at a moment’s notice due to the growing conflict in the Middle East. When action is needed and soldiers take position they are not always able to provide for their families as they normally would.

The City of Jerusalem along with the IDF, reached out to Curt Landry Ministries for help and support. We’ve heard heartbreaking tales of soldiers who defend their nation and aren’t able to put food in their pantries. When the soldiers return home for holidays, their cabinets are bare.

HOW: To show our support, meeting them in their time of need, we recently provided Passover Seder meals for many soldiers.

  • Our response to the recent Passover celebration was to provide 38 families with full food boxes with necessary items such as matzah, an assortment of kosher foods, herbs, gefilte fish, and more. It spoke volumes to the soldiers and commanders about the attention to detail we put into every box.
  • Volunteers cooked the Passover meal for Lone Soldiers. Without immediate family in Israel, these soldiers typically have to find a family that would invite them into their homes to celebrate special meals. This year volunteers came together to cook for more than 60 lone soldiers for Passover. This Passover was the first time these soldiers were able to celebrate together and were incredibly grateful, singing and fellowshipping together till 2 a.m.!

 “For God is not unjust to forget your work and labor of love which you have shown toward His name, in that you have ministered to the saints, and do minister.”—Hebrews 6:10

Find out more about Curt Landry Ministries work with the IDF!

It is our heart and mission to be an avenue where the Body of Christ can unite together to walk in a blessed life by tapping into our spiritual heritage. Together, we join to discover more of our Lord’s character through His Word, as Jew and Gentile—One New Man. We take our call to bless Israel seriously and invite you to be a part of God’s work to restore the nation.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: ‘May they prosper who love you.’”—Psalm 122:6