Netanyahu’s Speech Has Big Impact on Israeli Politics

On Tuesday, March 3, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a speech that sent shock waves throughout both America and Israel. Standing in front of a joint session of congress with a prime time audience in Israel, Netanyahu warned of potential aggression by Iran and how that nation achieving nuclear power could mean disastrous repercussions for Israel and the rest of the world.

Currently, United States Secretary of State John Kerry is negotiating with Iranian

representatives in Switzerland about a potential nuclear compromise with the country. According to Netanyahu, Iran has numerous secret nuclear facilities throughout the country and could have approximately 190,000 centrifuges producing uranium within weeks.

Netanyahu says that a deal between America and Iran would give Iran significantly more leeway to produce nuclear weapons, which would lead to significant destabilization in the region and possible disaster for Israel. Netanyahu believes that a deal can still be reached with Iran that would keep the sanctions and not allow them to continue to enrich uranium.

The problem with the deal as it currently exists is that it seems to ignore the character that Iran has given off in recent years. Simply put, the nation has shown significant aggression and the ambition to be a nuclear power. Moreover, there is no love lost for Israel on Iran’s part, and they would have no problem eradicating Israel should they get the opportunity. Though Iran is no friend of ISIS, the country still has shown the desire to establish a radical, militant Islamist empire.

Now, opponents of Netanyahu’s in the coming election have to decide whether to agree or disagree with the strong words that he gave in the speech. It’s expected that the speech turned the election in Netanyahu’s favor, but we will have to wait and see how it turns out.

In the meanwhile, we continue to ask that you pray for Israel and for peace in the Middle East. Nations like Iran having nuclear power would produce a threat of devastation in the region that is almost beyond imaginable.