Moving Into Position

We have come through the season of Passover, the Resurrection, the Counting of the Omer, and Shavuot. We have been prepared, and yet, this preparation has been unique because the positions we are about to enter stand apart.

But are we ready to move into position? Do we understand what it means to choose to move, or not move, into a newly aligned position?

Crossing Over or Not?

The Word of God is filled with choices. And no one, whether they followed God or not, were exempt from the ramifications of their choices, be they for good or for evil. 

But of all the biblical events that showcase this, the choice given to the Children of Israel—the generation of Moses vs. the next generation—to cross over the Jordan River into their promise is one of the clearest teaching tools on how obedience led by faith or disobedience led by fear can shape a generation! Even shaping the generations to come…

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Twelve spies were sent out to spy the land that God had promised the Children of Israel. Of those twelve, only two saw the land through the eyes of God’s promise and not their flesh. Joshua and Caleb saw the bounty of the land, and while they were not blind to the presence of those who inhabited the Promised Land… they were neither afraid of them. They knew the strength of their God—trusted everything they had seen and heard about Him—and though many people filled the land He had promised them, they knew that they were well able to defeat them! They knew God would be with them and be true to His promise if they would only step out in faith!

Yet, there were still ten other spies… Ten who saw things through the eyes of fear not faith…

While Joshua and Caleb shouted that the Children of Israel were well able to win against those living in the Promised Land, the other spies shouted that in the land were giants they could not win against. The people chose to listen to the shouts of the ten naysayers, not the two truth speakers. They chose to ignore the promises of God and His power, staying where they had grown comfortable… instead of stepping out and into their promise!

And this decision to walk by fear instead of faith delayed the promise. So much so that only the two spies who believed in God’s ability to fulfill His promise lived to see it. For the entire generation of Moses who had left Egypt—including Moses himself—were not allowed to cross over. Only the generation not still living in the mindset of slaves—as they had been in Egypt—were able to cross over. Were able to move into position for their new season of blessing. Yes, Joshua and Caleb were exceptions, but consider how many people were in the generation of Moses who did not get to cross over due to fear…

Approximately 600,000 men came out of Egypt, not counting wives and children which would bring the total number who left Egypt in the millions. How many of these were of the generation of Moses? It is difficult to say, but thousands to hundreds of thousands of people would have lived the rest of their lives in the desert because they feared the bad report of ten men. Because they refused to move into position with God’s plans. Choosing instead to stay where they were comfortable and felt safe…

Yet, God was with the Children of Israel who crossed over. He did not abandon those who aligned themselves with His plan and reached the other side. He guided them and provided for all their needs. And while there were likely moments where the obstacles in front of them appeared great, they had a greater God! They had a God who gave them the wisdom and instruction to bring down the walls of Jericho if they would but obey. They had a God who gave them victory after victory. But they had to move into position. They had to cross over!

The words fear not in wooden blocks.

Are We Ready to Cross Over?

In our lives we receive many reports. Some come from God, others come from our flesh, while still others come from the enemy. But the Holy Spirit living in us, helps us determine which is which when we seek Him. When we listen. And God’s Word does as well…

However, too often we get caught up in the bad report of fear—be it from our flesh or the enemy—and choose not to move forward. Or even to move back! Staying where we feel comfortable and safe, but where our Kingdom purpose, call, provision, and promise are stalled! Where we can get little wafers known as manna, but not the fruit, the wine, or the meat that God wants us to advance to!

There is nothing wrong with manna, but manna is meant to be a temporary thing. A transitional fill to keep us until the time of our promise has come. But God has more planned for us. He wants us to receive the new wine. He wants us to plant, grow, and bring in His harvest! One difference between manna and the food found in the Promised Land is that manna does not last. It is here today and gone today. What is more, it feeds us but does not feed others. Providing temporary sustenance for our homes, but not for God’s house or others who have need, of which we have been called to give!

Certainly, the Children of Israel never hungered during their time in the desert. They did not know the want of food. But what of feasting? What of the abundance we as Believers are meant to have to provoke jealousy in others for what we have… or rather for WHO we have, God! What of the inheritance we are meant to leave for our children or our children’s children? 

It is easy to become comfortable in one season and not desire moving to the next. It is easy to not want to shift into the new things God has planned for us. But it is in the shifting. In the crossing over. That we are put into position to answer our call. It is in crossing into the new that we can find abundance! And yes, giants may cross our paths, walls may ‘block’ our way, but our God is well able to defeat and shift them! He is able to use us…

But will we answer the call? Will we cross over into the promise? Will we choose the unfamiliar abundance or live continually on manna?

Well Able!

“Then Caleb quieted the people before Moses, and said, ‘Let us go up at once and take possession, for we are well able to overcome it.’”

—Numbers 13:30

As Caleb spoke to the Children of Israel, we too are well able to overcome everything in our paths! This is because the strength lies in our God! We are well able because our God is well able… and where He leads He provides. The key is to walk in His pathways. To stand in His will and believe in His mighty strength!

Without Him, crossing over into our Promised Land would not be possible, but with Him, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!